A change in the recent G.O.P. polls is showing Texas Senator Ted Cruz taking the lead in  Iowa. The top spot once held by businessman and Presidential candidate Donald Trump, now is making way for the soft spoken Senator. For the first time this election cycle Trump’s run to the White House is showing some cracks and Ted Cruz is seizing the opportunity. 

Born in Calgary, Canada, Cruz is touting his stance and views for a “better America.” His views and stances for this better America is the typical rants of lower taxes, a decent stance on the second amendment, and a pro life claim. It seems to be working among the voters in Iowa and is extending throughout the G.O.P. voters.

The former front runner, Donald Trump, has been getting hit hard, not only by the Democratic side, but from his own party as well. A controversial stance on Muslim immigration, border security, and other views have been constantly under scrutiny where he has been able to hold off sliding in the polls, until now.  The media seems to be ignoring the American voice when it comes to Trump as we are seeing the media from both sides continue to call him out and try to bring him down as well. It is truly getting ugly, or politics as usual, with time still left in the race.

Trump’s former opponent, Dr. Ben Carson seems to be fizzling out maintaining a third place spot in the current Iowa poll and nationally as well, with the field slowly closing in on him. Will he be able to bounce back or are we seeing the slide from his campaign that many predicted. He did have a good solid run in the beginning, but now finds trouble with picking up new voters.

So what has lead to this surge in the Cruz campaign? While his opponents have had a go at Donald Trump, Cruz has staved off the attacks at the Trump campaign that his fellow Republican candidates have jumped at the opportunity to do so. Maybe this is a contributing factor to his rise as American’s are looking for answers and leadership, not a divisive leader. 

Ted Cruz is now polling at 31% in the Iowa polls which is a 21 point jump since October. That is an impressive amount and the largest rise in any candidate in the last five Presidential Iowa caucuses. Trump is polling 10 points behind Ted Cruz at 21%. Clearly taking a hit by voters in Iowa. Ben Carson rounds out the top three candidates with 13%.

Ted Cruz also has a 73% likability among Republican Iowa caucus goers. Can that parlay into a win or even securing the nominee for the Republicans? We will have to wait and see. Many do not put much stock in the Iowa caucus and points to past winners like Mike Huckabee who won Iowa, but did not translate into winning the Republican nominee. While winning Iowa may not be a make or break situation, Cruz can use the momentum from the win, if he secures it, and continue to pick up more voters along the way. 

We will be watching all the shuffling of the candidates and monitor where they fall and rise in the polls. Just like the last two Presidential election we are seeing a “flavor of the week” and it seems to be Cruz’s time to be that flavor. Now let’s see if his campaign can capitalize on the current success or if Donald Trump can make up any ground currently lost. With a lot of time left, the field is wide open and I expect their to be many more leap frogging on the way to the nomination. 

Written by: Michael Howell


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