If you heard “email scandal” or “use of private email for official business” the first two words that would come to mind may be Hillary Clinton. Not so fast, the queen of scandal and controversy looks to have company in the email department. It has come to light that another government high ranking official doesn’t play by the rules when it comes to communicating on the job.

Defense Secretary Ash Carter is now under fire for using his private email to conduct government business which violates Defense Department rules set forth in 2012. Already out in front of the speculation Secretary Carter has stated that he did not send classified information through his private email. Through a spokesman Carter said that he copied or forwarded official government business to his federal email account, which he’s required to do. Carter told a group of reporters that he “should have known better” and “didn’t do the right thing.”

The New York Times first reported Carter’s use of personal email when they obtained 72 work related-emails that were sent form Secretary Carter’s iPhone and iPad. Some of those emails contained information about “legislation, television appearances, and how to pay for a hotel bill” among other things.

So far this hasn’t garnered near the attention that Clinton’s email use has, but this is yet another example of the corruption in politics that the American people have come to expect. Where it goes from here is to be determined, but as far as the people are concerned with, this type of behavior has become the norm. 

John McCain, R-Ariz, chairman of the Senate Arms Committee said that in light of the attention given to Clinton’s email use, it was “hard to believe that Secretary Carter would exercise the same error in judgment.”

McCain said the committee has requested copies of the emails and will conduct a review “to ensure sensitive information was not compromised.”

We will see if this latest email mishap will trigger an F.B.I. investigation like the one currently hovering over the Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton or if Secretary Ash Carter’s apology and acknowledgement will suffice. With so much more information needed to come out we will continue to monitor this and see where the road takes us.

Written by: Michael Howell

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