It was a better part of three years ago and I was talking with a friend about the political system. The current state was bothering both of us and we were already talking about the next election. The Democratic candidate was easy to predict as Hillary has been just waiting for “her time” to arrive. Since loosing to Obama in 2008, she was always the choice for the democrats.

The Republican side was not as easy to predict, however, was not to hard when you understand the way the game is played. The republicans lost the White House in 2008 and then again to re-election of President Obama in 2012. A seasoned neo-con like John McCain failed to pierce Obama’s armor in ’08 and Mitt Romney failed to rally the right together and earn their support to take back the White House in 2012. Both my friend and I had predicted this. That wasn’t what I remember mostly about that conversation. What I remember was my prediction for who the Republicans would run in 2016.

I told her without hesitation that it would be Bush vs. Clinton in 2016. I was sure after reading the globalist manifestos for years that this was an obvious road for the elite to travel down. So no surprise when very early on Jeb announced his own bid for the White House. Since this election cycle has started I have maintained my prediction and though low in poll numbers I still felt like he was best handled to run a long campaign.

Jeb’s campaign has spent more than nearly all the candidates combined in t.v. ad’s and even brought his mother out of retirement and she made a campaign stop for the family name as well. Jeb also had more resources when it came to donations and fundraisers. Having a father who was president and a brother as well, donations seemed to not be an issue in any Bush “push to the White House.”

Not fairing to well in the presidential debates or in connecting to the youth has been a struggle and failure in this campaign. Jeb being a professional politician from a political dynasty family, wasn’t able to stave off the attacks from the Republican front runner and political outsider, Donald Trump. Never missing an opportunity to go against Donald Trump on the issues he just never came out on top or did any damage to Trump’s poll numbers or popularity. How could this be? Jeb is Washington royalty and Trump isn’t a politician, but he is losing the highest political seat in the land? Yes and in embarrassing fashion. Not since Bush Sr.’s Presidential re-election lost to Bill Clinton has a bush looked so defeated or even lost on the campaign trail.

Trump wasn’t Jeb’s only hurdle though. Jeb also trailed Carson, Rubio, Cruz, and others and came up short in gaining supporters from other camps as their candidate suspended their campaigns. Was Jeb overrated or has the average American finally woke up to what has been happening over the last 20 years and put their foot down and said “no more Bushs!”

We have on the Democratic side a similar situation, but do not look for Hillary to suspend her campaign. What we do have is a political juggernaut going head to head with, what should have been a “chump” opponent in Bernie Sanders. We are seeing the left battle with the “establishments” choice as well.

With a F.B.I. investigation looming over Hillary, Sanders has been able to pick up supporters based on the “can’t trust Hillary” mood on the left. Bernie a self proclaimed Democrat Socialist started his campaign with low dismal numbers is at a virtual tie with Hillary and has a very loud and enthusiastic youth base. Definitely unforeseen months ago.

Clinton has taken poll hits along the way in her campaign and has managed to survive and barring criminal charges from her latest email scandal, I see her winning the nomination for the Democrats quite easily. And then the White House.

Both parties seem to be drifting away from what the people of their parties are asking for or wanting as representation for the party. The Republicans are looking in Donald Trump’s direction as the outsider to take on the establishment’s choice and Sander’s is holding his own against the establishment’s choice as well. It’s not going to be a Bush vs. Clinton 2016 like I had predicted, but it looks like it won’t be an establishment clear win without the sound of our voices rising and letting them know we will no buy their “candidates” any longer.

The end of Jeb’s presidential run this time could have significant implications in how the globalist progress with the agenda. We are seeing a very cautious populace not so quick to buy into the game and this election cycle will still have many more surprises to come. Could Jeb’s exit make a run by Bloomberg easier to defeat Clinton as a third party candidate or would it take to much of the vote from the Republicans and a Hillary victory is that much easier.

Where does Jeb Bush go from here? Having been a Governor, the President was the next step in his personal evolution. Having the family roots in the white house was suppose to make it simpler for him. Not even his bother, the former President or his famous mother and former First Lady, Barbara Bush could revive the Bush magic and excite the grassroots crowd of the campaign trail. Being a Bush I do not think he is leaving the political stage for good, but he will be taking some time to lick these wounds.

Written by: Michael Howell

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