It’s that time again. An election cycle and, again, a bunch of establishment based candidates all vying for your vote and promising you the world in return. “Let’s make America great again” and “reigniting the promise of America” and other slogans have been shouted out, written down, memorized, and regurgitated to the point of becoming nauseous. Phone banks have all spoken these words. Campaign flyers have the words printed on them in bold letters. And the American people have their cues memorized and ready to speak these slogans at the first possible chance given.

However, there is a growing number of voters that are fed up with politics as usual and are looking for a candidate that is not part of the growing establishment choices. We have seen this crowd gravitate to the Trump campaign as voices of dissent. We see an escalating amount of discouraged voters commit to not voting this election because they feel their voice isn’t represented by the parties choices and ideology. There is a candidate for these people and his stance on many issues are what Americans want and need to talk about.

Being part of the media and also doing a radio show I have had the pleasure of talking with many people. Some world known, some just real American people who want to see change. Not the Obama promised change, but real change that can get America back to the people and limit a growing out of hand government.

It was about 8 months ago when I came to know Ed Baker. I was researching some information  for an upcoming episode of my radio show, “Fighting the Tyranny”, and came across an individual that was using social media, real grassroots effort, to start a run at the Presidency. I had never heard of this individual and was immediately curious about his stances. After following him online for a while I asked Ed Baker to be a guest on the show in a couple weeks. He agreed and I am thankful he did.

Several weeks passed and I was ready to interview him. I felt somewhat familiar on some of his views, but was really wanting to hear from him on the issues at hand. He did not disappoint. As most politicians will say what you want to hear and seem to have the answer to all your questions, this interview was different. When pressed on certain issues Ed Baker had no problems with saying that he was researching this or looking into that and had a genuine focus on the people. The longer the interview went on the more impressed I became with his views.

I had originally allotted 30 minutes to an hour of the show to the interview, but found myself intrigued and compelled to ask him to stay on longer. Without hesitation he agreed and was on the show for the full two hours. As I will cover in this article his stances are wide ranging and rooted in finding out truths and uncovering the inter workings of politics on the beltway.

Quickly into the interview I could tell his passion is finding out the facts to 9/11 and getting an honest and independent investigation into 9/11. With such a growing outcry for a real investigation, Ed Baker hopes to bring that true transparency to the White House. The events of that day have been covered up and not truly investigated and the consequences have been two wars and a plethora of liberty and freedom taking policies and agencies including the expansion of the controversial N.S.A. spying program. An agency he would like to see end as well.

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In a recent phone call I had with Mr. Baker he stated again many issues that he has. During an email conversation I had with him he outlined his stance like this:

As for my “Political Stance” – I’m not a member of any political party and don’t go for labels like “Liberal” “Conservative” “Left” “Right”, etc. I look at each issue individually and try to learn as much as I can about it before giving my thoughts on it. I don’t believe in playing politics with peoples lives. I’m not running on just one or two issues. I believe that we can address everything that needs looking at over a four-year term.

A few of the issues that he is passionate about include:

Ending the Federal Reserve.

Defending the Constitution, Rights and Freedom – not limited to but with emphasis on: States Rights; Freedom of Speech and Gun Owner Rights.

Ending Common Core Education and putting the say in the hands of the people at the State and Community level.

Ending For-Profit Private Prisons.

Taking strong action against those here illegally and those who are profiting from them.

Addressing our Homeless situation (I was homeless for 14 months).

Having a real investigation into the events of September 11, 2001. Punishing those responsible for the Planning, Execution or Cover-up no matter who they are or what position they held on or since 9/11.

A less Secretive Government – Full Disclosure of anything that would otherwise be Classified so long as it doesn’t put our Military or National Defense in direct danger by doing so.

Higher Standards and More Accountability of those in positions of authority. Good Cops must stand up against Bad Cops when they abuse their power or break the law.

Priority on America. Reduce the $50 Billion in annual foreign aid (that we borrow from China to send to other countries) and put Americans first.

I believe in Equality among Americans. Equal pay for equal work when there are equal profits. I’m supportive of Gay Marriage. I didn’t like the Supreme Court ruling on it as I believe that should have been voted in State by State. Whenever there is a change to the law I believe it should be approved by vote in each state.

Highest Priority a: Getting people in a position to be able to work and having jobs in the United States so that people will be working… reduce the size of Government and have those left be American People Working For American People.

Highest Priority b: Taking care of the Men and Women of our Military. Our Active Military, Veterans and their Families each need to be represented and to have their needs exceeded.

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The 37 year old candidate from Oregon has managed to gather a grassroots base on social media, but now it is our time to expand his efforts and help get a non establishment, truth seeking candidate on the ballot in all 50 states. While discussing this with Mr. Baker he has made it clear that this is one area he really needs our help in.

“For us to have a real chance to win we need to raise some money and more importantly need volunteer hours for things, especially for collecting petition signatures so we can appear on your ballot November 8th. We are competing against candidates who will spend 100’s of Millions of Dollars on their campaigns. We can compete on a fraction of that – and demonstrate our ability to spend on a responsible budget. We need about $10,000 to cover ballot access fees. $1700 of this is needed as soon as possible. We have our first two states ready to get on the ballot as soon as that money is available. Colorado and Louisiana. No matter what state you are in – it will help our campaign if you can contribute any portion of that $1700 to help us with this important step. We need volunteers in every state to get out and collect signatures. Some states require only 1000 verified signatures of registered voters while others require over 100,000. California is 180,000 and you figure about 25% will be tossed out for not being verifiable – so that’s more like 240,000 signatures.”

When asked how we can help with his campaign Ed offered some ways we can assist. “If you can volunteer 20 hours a week or 2 hours one day… we need your help. If you will only sign the petition yourself and collect those of your immediate family – that helps. I need as much help as we can get. If you have $10 that you can contribute – that helps. The maximum individual contribution is $2700 for the election – $5400 for a married couple. All contributions will be reported to the FEC as required by campaign finance law.”

One thing I have said to Mr. Baker in our conversations is the distrust in the voting process that Americans have and their “not voting” stance that seems to be prevalent nowadays. Ed offered up some very sound advice as far as telling the establishment how we really feel. Ed doesn’t believe in not voting, he believes in using the voting process to send a clear message to the establishment when he says, ”

“Not voting is not the way to send a message that you are fed up with your options that are pushed by Mainstream Media. It’s better to vote for an Independent Candidate than not at all. Even if you have to write them in. However – for a Write-in vote to count the candidate must complete some steps within your state. So make sure they are a Write-in Candidate in your state. Voting is also, and perhaps more, important at a Local Level. You can decide who represents you and your State and County.”

If say 35% of people choose not to vote and the two “Major Party” Candidates end up with a 51% to 47% and “others” at 4% final result that isn’t going to send the same message that it will if instead those non-voters do vote for another candidate and it ends up with the “Major Party” Candidates at 44% to 39% and “others” at 17%.

Not voting is a vote for continuing on with the same politicians we have been getting for decades. I appreciate those who are supporting me in this election and we can win it.

I see his point in saying this. One way that we can send a message is to stop supporting the “two party-one ideology” that has led to distrust among voters.

One thing I admire is his stance that he doesn’t bad mouth or talk about the other candidates. He feels the other candidates gets enough attention as is and chooses to focus on his own efforts. In fact Ed took to Facebook to offer his supporters advice on the subject.

“Whenever you see a post about another Presidential Candidate please put in the Comment section the link to my Group page (found in the comment section here) or my website – or otherwise make it known that you support my candidacy in this election. Far too often people give energy to the candidates they don’t like. I ask that you provide people with an alternative to those candidates and let them know about me.”

You can follow Ed Baker’s presidential run on Facebook at

Ed Baker for President 2016

The final analysis is if you are looking for a candidate that leaves mudslinging and “politics as usual” out of the process, then I recommend getting in touch with the campaign, engaging him on social media and learning how we can help bring forth real, much needed change. He encourages open dialogue and is easy to get a hold of. How many candidates can you say that about? That’s the first example of change we need.

Along with social media you can contact him through email at Send him an email and find out how we can assist in getting the message out and being a part of the process to end the establishment choices and getting back to the American people’s voice.

When asked about how he plans on competing against mainstream candidates he offers this solution: “We need to raise our first ballot access fees for the November 8th General Election. We are competing against candidates that will spend $100’s of Millions on their campaigns. We can beat them on a responsible budget. We do need to raise some funds to get on ballots. I’m in need of $1700 as soon as possible. If you are in a position to contribute any portion or all of this amount please do so today.”

You can go to to find out more about Ed Baker and be a part of the campaign. Please also sign the petition at his website asking Newspapers & TV/Radio News/Talk shows to include his campaign in their election coverage. Please electronically sign it and share it for others to do the same.

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We have an anti established candidate and it is our time to express support and get America back to the people and limit government to being our voice and servant rather than our oppressors and masters.

Written by: Michael Howell

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