Anyone with a social media account has had the comment “don’t be distracted” at least once in their comment section of the post. Don’t be distracted from what? Am I not to care about the issue now and just focus on a deeper issue? If so, what is the deeper issue that I am being distracted from?

The transgender bathroom drama that is sweeping the country with much directed debate applying to the safety aspects of the law. To many this is a real issue, but still we hear we are being distracted. That this is a distraction from the bigger problem. I can agree there are much bigger fish to fry, however, I believe this is a real concern for many.

In fact, there are many times this gets brought up. Every (false flag) event, the recent protest at Trump rallies, down to the mundane news that spews into our households. And to the mainstream media being nothing but a distraction; I couldn’t agree more. So, what the hell are we being distracted from then if everything in itself is a distraction?

Like a plate juggler in a circus there are many plates spinning when it comes to all the small plans being coordinated and carried out to perform the main act. To have the audience mesmerized and eager for the next showing. All good acts have to come to an end and the plates are slowing down and beginning to show signs of falling down and ruining the act. This, if handled correctly, could work in our benefit. So, what are the plates spinning representing?

What Are We Being Distracted From

Anyone who knows me can described me quite simple when it comes to where I stand in this transitional period in the fight for globalism. It all comes back to the Rothschilds or the more known name, the Federal Reserve. Follow the money honey.

Most Americans still believe that our money comes from our Congress, or our government when it actually is printed out of thin air, not backed by any value, and not open to Congressional oversight or audit, privately owned Central Bank – the Federal Reserve. Since the signing of the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 the Federal Reserve, Fed, has operated in open through the deception of being a federal entity of the government. The Federal Reserve is as private as Federal Express.

Having control over inflation and deflation they are able to control and manipulate markets for their greed and the mass transfer of American wealth to private off shore bankers. With printing and issuing control the nation’s currency they are able to buy, or control, the policies of the country through debt. The Federal Reserve along with other global bank like the Vatican Bank, Bank of England, Bank of Settlements, IMF, World Bank, and others have been found to finance and control both sides of wars and conflicts.


This is how they control the information and agenda

The next flavor of the moment or shiny object is distracting us from the massive control and take over of the weather that is taking place. Yes, I know how that sounds, but the evidence couldn’t be stronger or rooted in fact. There have been many patents of weather modification programs that have been released and while I have written about them in other articles, I won’t go into them in this article. They are readily available for anyone who wants to see them.

Chemtrails continue to draw their evil drawings in the skies above us. What animal I see in the clouds have now given way to which snake in the sky is the longest. Very few days of white puffy clouds sandwiched in between days of heavy spraying. Look up! It’s a bird. It’s a plane. It’s ….a contrail? No, contrails dissipate and chemtrails linger. What we are seeing is lingering and if it was contrails we would see them daily as planes fly daily. We see, sometimes, days between the spraying giving us clear examples of the difference in contrails and chemtrials.

HAARP is another weather modification program that is owned by the United States Air Force and is said to be controlling and manipulating the weather. This program is controversial in nature and has many calling for the program to be abolished. If much of what I have researched about this program is true then could the recent increase in flooding and earthquakes be tied to, if not a direct result for HAARP?

This brings me to another distraction and that is climate change, global warming, or whatever they are calling it now. Calling it anything other than a scam is doing it injustice. Now I am not and do not claim to be a meteorologist, or a scientist in any way shape or form, but I do know that until all the evidence from HAARP, the chemtrail program and all-weather modification programs is brought forth and examined, then we can’t have a true intellectual debate about climate change. How can it be scientific with missing data? We are being distracted by the false weather debate in order to not see the weather manipulation in front of us. Clever really to use weather against weather.

They are throwing the latest distraction at us to keep us from seeing the dismantling of the Constitution. If it hasn’t been shredded by now then it must be on its last leg and headed to the shredder for finishing off. What the globalist has been able to achieve since the 9/11 attacks is impressive and beautiful disaster. I say impressive because the amount of liberties and freedoms they have been able to consume has to be even more than they expected and also at the easiness of  which they acquired them from us. Everything from the Patriot Act, NSA, NDAA, to the TSA was surrendered to little resistance and it was sold to us in order to keep us safe. The strength of any Republic is measured by the amount of liberties it is able to secure and maintain, not give up.

Part of this rewriting or even just flat-out ignoring the Constitution is how the elite is using our service men and women to impose their force and will. With over 700 military bases in over 130 countries the Empire is expanding and the masses are either defending this or have no clue to the fact that we have become an Imperialistic rule on the global scale. What do all these wars have in common? One thing is they are all illegal as a war must be declared in Congress. We haven’t had a declared war since World War II. Yet we are seeing more if these war(s) necessary to maintain our freedoms even though we are losing freedoms.

The globalist achieve this by rallying around the heart-strings of the “patriotic” American and their unwavering support of the troops. We are told to support the troops, but how can we support the wars when they place a soldier in a position to break the very oath he swore to? Instead of us having educated conversations about the legality of war, they sell the wars based on lies and we buy them up at record number.

There is so much that we are being distracted from .Everything from whistleblowers being prosecuted or seeking asylum in other countries, to the forced vaccines program that is coming at us rapidly, to the false political system that the mainstream media perpetuates at length. It is getting hard to watch the news and believe anything that the talking heads are regurgitating. Regardless what outlet you are watching the division is the same and the role players are guiding their puppets like a mastered puppeteer. Keep the Cloward and Pivens strategy of a self imploding economy on track and then implement the Hegelian Dialectic to save the day. Meanwhile, the sheep won’t even know of their  case, Stockholm Syndrome.

Yes we are being distracted. We are being pulled away from key issues in order to divide and conquer us. The globalist do not fear a divided populace. In fact, they rely on that and draw their power and influence from it transferring it to their control. We can defeat them by uniting in our differences and combating the main problems. There are many more issues that I didn’t list that we need to be paying attention to and fighting, but we all have a part to play in restoring the Republic.

Written by: Michael Howell

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