Science is in full swing at CERN, or European Organization for Nuclear Research, quite literally, too. As they fire up the “Big Bang” machine the smallest particles we know will travel along the 17 circular mile at the CERN facility, at near the speed of light, in order to understand the big bang or possibly disprove it stating that the Universe in infinite and always has been. I have looked into the many faces that CERN wears and see nothing but warning signs and red flags on many of their goals. Some I have covered in other articles and others I will go over in future articles.

The Large Hadron Collider, the world’s biggest man built machine, is what simulates the big bang theory by colliding the tiniest particles known together at the speed of light in order to observe the collision in search for the god particle – Higgs Boson. The project is to study how matter was created and what happened to the antimatter as well. Science at CERN is at a crossroads and a point in their research that could be life changing or quite dark. Indeed that entire field is placing its trust and study on CERN’s achievements.

There are over 10,000 people involved with over 100 nationalities represented at CERN. It is truly by every sense of the word, a global scientific effort. The Unites States’ role there is said to be as observers. It is actually the one place on Earth where enemies can “come together for the betterment of humanity” and not bring their ideology with them. The people at the top, I believe have a different agenda for CERN altogether.

CERN has facilities set up all over the world to analyse the data through the world-wide web. In fact, a little known fact, the internet was created at CERN with the whole purpose being to transmit data to other scientist.

At the heart of the standard model there are still questions that scientist at CERN are trying to work out. One being why is gravity so much weaker than other forces? The search for the Higgs Boson or god particle needing to be observed and studied for any of the other theories to be tested.

What happens when the 17 mile ring is fired up is protons travel in multiple paths in opposite directions and then smash together the protons at four separate test facilities along the ring. The four test facilities are ATLAS, LHCb, CMS, and ALICE. Each performing a different observation of the collisions. All hoping to see the Higgs Boson, but also something new as each time the experiment has been performed something new has occurred.

CERN describes the test as “trying to understand the laws of nature” as it sounds less harsh and easier to accept. And yes, this is a goal of theirs, but the overall agenda of CERN has some in the science community concerned and objectionable.

The LHC is in layman’s terms trying to find what holds matter together, that being the Higgs particle. It hopes to complete the standard model that we have had questions about. Basically the glue that holds all matter together at its existing state; glue before it hardens so to speak.

Scientist study particles because they believe that just after the big bang all that existed was particles. And these particles carry the information of the creation of our universe. By the 1900’s it was clear that everything was made up of atoms and that atoms was made up of just three particles – the electron, proton, and neutron.Through out the century new particles have been discovered with a new particle being discovered every week in the sixties.

But through the mass confusion theorist came to know that most of these particles were made of just three little bits called quarks. And that there are truly only three fundamental particles, which all fit together nicely in a pattern. And this was the birth of the standard model. Eventually all the particles were discovered in the pattern; quarks, leptons, gauge boson, except one, the Higgs.

First theorized by Peter Higgs in the 1960’s along with other theorist they believed it is the single crucial piece for holding matter together. It is connected to a field which fills all space and which gives particles mass and allow them to get caught up in atoms. Without the Higgs life as we know it wouldn’t exist. In order to prove this we have to smash particles together and create a Higgs. This is where the Large Hadron Collider comes in and recreates this supernatural occurrence.


Simulation of the billions of collisions at the LHC

Is all of this taking place at CERN over ambitious, stepping over the boundaries of ethics, moral, and the possible worldly consequences that could arise from the CERN experiments? That remains to be seen, however, we still need to ask these questions.

Not everyone is convinced in the scientific community as well. CERN has even the very likes of top physicist,  Steven Hawking worried about what will come from the experiments. He has even been quoted as saying that Physics “would have been more interesting if the Higgs was not discovered.” The Higgs particle or god particle was discovered in 2013 and the LHC has continued to discover new possibilities.

“The Higgs potential has the worrisome feature that it might become megastable at energies above 100bn giga-electron-volts (GeV).

This could mean that the universe could undergo catastrophic vacuum decay, with a bubble of the true vacuum expanding at the speed of light.

This could happen at any time and we wouldn’t see it coming.”

– Stephen Hawking

So what is next for CERN now that the Higgs Boson has been found, where does this take the scientist and their theories? Now they are studying black holes and other dimensions and this is where many are showing the greatest fear of the unknown and unexpected possibilities of the LHC.

As I wrote about in my article “CERN And The Antimatermatter is that which we can see, feel, touch, ect and antimatter is that which is all around us that we can’t see, touch, and feel, however, we interact with in our daily life. If matter is contained and calm then antimatter can be described as chaotic, or like an explosion, lacking of order. To think of antimatter as being chaotic and lacking order, then to know we are now pulling from that realm or dimension, and able to create and contain antimatter is a frightful thought to many outside the project.

Some have hypothesized that CERN could explode due to having too much energy inside than the structure could contain.

“Ask yourself: How much energy is keeping it together? Then you put more than that amount of energy into the object. It will explode.”

– Neil de Grass Tyson


Higgs Boson Explained

CERN has continued to express the safety of their experiments through social media campaigns and even by addressing the issue on their website as well.

“As an intergovernmental organisation, CERN further establishes its own Safety Rules as necessary for its proper functioning. In this process, it takes into account the laws and regulations of the Host States (France and Switzerland), EU regulations and directives, as well as international regulations, standards and directives.” The CERN website states.

Whether we get sucked up by a man-made black hole or we take a leap into scientific greatness remains to be seen. Arguments for both cases have been made and the “name of science” and “for mankind” won out to logical and critical concerns of top leading scientist like Otto Rossler and Stephen Hawking. Have we gone to far we may never know? At least not have the possibility to correct it in time. CERN is bordering on the old risk vs. reward analogy and leaning on the risk for great rewards.

Considering how we will now be able to contain large measurable amounts of antimatter the possibility for it to be weaponized exist and I’m not talking about like seen in “Angels and Demons” with Tom Hanks, but a real Psychological weapon. Antimatter is the absent of order and has violent effects on our psyche when we come into contact with it.

CERN is trying to figure out why there is so much matter and why there isn’t equal parts of antimatter as matter. Also where did the antimatter go? These are questions we will continue to watch as the answers to what’s truly happening at CERN are hard to come by. What is waiting on the other side of these dimensions, if anything? Are we prepared to find out? Can we take that risk? CERN believes so.

Written by: Michael Howell

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