This is one subject that we can all agree on regardless of what side of the political aisle you favor or even if you have no preference in politics, and that is the sudden slide in society and what seems to be the inevitable societal collapse. This has been talked about at length many times and I won’t go into other’s details about how they see it. I will give you my interpretation of the decay that is here and by design.

The message is all around us. On our newsstands, round the clock news stations, to the propaganda machine coming out of Hollywood to keep the masses in line and aware only enough to keep the machine fed. Obey and consume. Create planned obsolescent products and keep the product rotating. Create the agenda in a blockbuster film and have the sheep desensitized to the decline they are funding. Throw the next shining object on the ground and see how many of us reach down to pick it up. Obey and consume.

The media is at the heart of the problem as far as the message being pumped into our collective consciousness till we can repeat the narrative word by word, line by line. The same group of people who own and control the media are the same ones that are plotting this transfer of wealth through taxes and artificial inflation by perpetuating the war hungry, privately owned board of bankers, the Federal Reserve. From distraction to distraction the script unfolds on the nightly news and we are there to subconsciously feed our hunger and inadvertently get our “marching orders.”

They let us argue here and there and feel like we have a say so in what is going on around us, but don’t be fooled. Everything is by their design, for their greed, and for the global agenda of the one world government that has been in the works for centuries. President Nixon to George Bush Sr. to Henry Kissinger and Joe Biden, the New World Order has been called for by name.

The decay reaches all depths of society such as economics, racially, moral, and the enforcing arm of the globalist plan has become our soldiers and the legislating body being the foreign government that is located in New York, the United Nations. Our Constitutional Republic has been sold out under a fictitious movement we came to be known as “Democracy” when if we were honest with each other could be titled “Operation Steal Your Resources” for a more accurate description. Regardless what party is in office, our foreign policy never changes. It always favors the encompassing global agenda and taking of individual nature rights.

America is said to be the “land of the Free,” but we have more people locked up for non violent, victimless crimes than any other country, per ca pita, in our privately traded, for-profit prison system. It is the goal of the elite to transfer our wealth and freedoms over to the state which is why we are seeing our prison population rise and new housing facilities on the rise. The prison budget is on the climb while our education budget and program is in the slums.

It is the objective of any ideology to indoctrinate the youth through controlling the education program and we couldn’t be hit harder in the face with government control ran education in our school systems than we are today. Common Core is the federal disaster program that many states have fought tooth and nail from being forced to implement. It remains a controversial curriculum that has many parents and educators furious and confused.

As the decay spreads it touches our attention span and our lack of knowledge on important issues that have a generation to generation effects. Given the basic questions on historical facts, political policies, or how the government is made up and the evidence of how we got here is validated. When asked basic questions on sports, movies, music, ect, the knowledge spews and the conversation takes a different feel in tone. Like the Romans distracted the people with the Coliseum, we are seeing gladiators fight and we are distracted by the sideshow as well.

Where we are really seeing this decay is economically and it is creating a division that is setting up the coming conquer. The Federal Reserve has been printing, loaning with interest, and artificially inflating the economy that they control most industries and through debt, own our Republic. Signs like the recent EBT food assistant program not being filled and leaving people without the power to eat was a litmus test of what is to come and on a much larger scale. We can see it in Venezuela in the uprising that has taken place. That is if you can find information on the collapse there as the mainstream media is focused on no Trump, or, yes Trump, or whatever program refilling station you get your “news.”

The compounding problems that have been put in place by strategic planning and calculation is now weighing heavy on the American people and the strain it is placing on the infrastructure of the economics inside of American politics. More people are out of work than the numbers coming out of Washington are stating. Our society is and has been feeling the effects of this for years now and many have given up on job market bearing little results. This is causing more people than ever to sign up for government assistance, therefore, burdening the already debt riddled economy. Much of the technical or manufacturing jobs have left the country and that can be traced back to the signing of NAFTA and other legislation designed to “Unionize” North America.

This strategy gets its roots at the heart of the Communist Manifest and the plan to “destroy America from within” 1960’s strategy written by two Columbia University professors, Cloward and Pivens. Over burden the nation’s economy through socialist and communist goals and transfer the power to the State by giving up individual sovereignty and nature law rights. Placing everyone on a mandated income, state ran healthcare system, and one world laws and religion are the end game results the globalist are wanting to see take shape.

The decay that oozes from the growing Empire is how many tentacles this Empire now has. Our reach, militarily, is truly global due to our mass collection of military bases around the world. Over 700 military bases in over 130 countries qualifies as an Empire and not as a Constitutional Republic defending the freedoms of the people. We spend more on our military budget than the next ten countries, combined! Our foreign policy is written by bankers and signed off by their yes men, Congress. Lobbyist are sent out like little predator drones to shoot down any obstacle that gets in the way of the mission the corporate boss’ have laid out. The outcome is always steered, bought, and carried out by the bankers best interest.

If the 60’s was considered the “anything goes” generation then I am shrouded in anticipation to see how this generation is going to be reflected upon as? People feel like their voice doesn’t matter in these times and that their votes are not counted. The powers seem to be controlling the party by pulling the strings from the top and keeping the puppet show going with meaningless commentary and disinformation.

Our decay has covered our eyes to the fact that the Hegelian Dialectic is being used to keep us controlled and our fear level at just the right level they need it at. Problem – Action – Solution. They create the problem, artificially, whether it be economically like the Great Depression, or with the intention of bringing us into war like the U.S.S. Liberty or 9/11, the narrative is the same. Gauge the reaction of the masses and institute the already planned solution to the situation they created to begin with. This is how the Patriot Act was brought into law after 9/11.

There is a great awakening and an unsettling feeling in our collective gut and the call to action may not be to far ahead. The tyranny is spreading and the agenda is starting to show cracks due to our past battles. It is time to shatter the agenda before it divides us and eventually conquers us. It will not happening by continuing the same actions and expecting different results. That is the definition of insanity. And this isn’t a time we should make insane choices.

Written by: Michael Howell

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