The Republican party and the Democratic party have both secured their nominee for the 2016 Presidential election and the most I can muster from people is, “so what?” There is not much this election that has the majority of people excited or even care about the upcoming election. The general consensus seems to have Hillary Clinton becoming president or the fictitious “other side”, the Republicans, at odds with who the populace elected as their voice in this race. The division on both sides that is internal seems to be the only thing worth paying attention to. As far as the candidates go, not much to write home about.

Inside both parties there is conflict and back door planning. On the democratic side you have a looming and pending investigation into Hillary Clinton that could result in an indictment and the Bernie Sanders’ supporters that do not trust, nor support Hillary. The is the voters that feel disenfranchised and left without a candidate in the race. Hillary may be able to pick up a small number of these voters, but most are said to be not voting or looking third-party.

I think it is safe to say that Hillary will stave off the investigation and continue to gain momentum in the election, however, I do see a closer race than what some believe. I do hope that I am wrong and the indictment goes through, but something tells me that will just lead to a presidential pardon that will, in return, have little to no effect.

On the Republican side the infighting is over the selected, by the people, candidate Donald Trump. Every since his entry into the race about a year ago, he has continued to made headlines and miraculously dodge any attack that comes his way while picking up supporters and donors along the way. You would think that someone with that kind of grass root foundation and support would be highly backed by the party leaders, but it has been anything but that. Donald Trump has clearly won the support of the voters, but the republican establishment has fought him every inch of the way. Some prominent Republicans have even vowed to support Hillary Clinton when head-to-head with Donald Trump.

Often brash and arrogant, Donald Trump has said exactly what a sleeping majority wanted to hear and from their view it is catching hold. Things from border control to addressing the national debt to just his flat-out stance of “we never win anymore”, Donald has the Rino establishment panicking over the potential of a Trump White House victory.

Seen as someone who goes against the Washington grain and shakes the “politics as usual” feel, his supporters see his as anti establishment and he has no problems playing that up. Being alert and keen on exactly when to shoot a political bullet has been his strong point in this election primary as Jeb Bush and Ted Cruz can testify to. Both since bowing out to Trump have been irrelevant in their attempt to move voters from the Trump camp.

Then there is the larger part of society that just frankly say, “so what?” Literally, and in every sense of the word, so what! Voter confidence is at an all time low as political scandals are not only a nightly occurrence on the nightly news, but reads like a poorly written soap opera. Set to horrible music, fake journalism, and more eye candy than substance, the airwaves are filled with more division than at any time I can remember. The time of television created “programming” for a reason and that is what television has become. Like a mental refueling station for your misled and fake news fill up.

The bigger picture in this election is the turning point in our society we are facing. Being around politics and history like I have been I see this election quite simply. If Hillary wins there is no turning back. If Trump wins we may be able to come back. I see when the smoke clear and the dust settles not much difference. I am looking at actions and decisions and the flip-flopping the two have done when I make that statement. I believe both will take to the type of audience that they are speaking to at the time. Both are agenda driven though the agenda may differ slightly in the two.

The fallout of the elite continuing to use this lesser of two evils tactics that they employ every election cycle has been the gain in support and recognition Gary Johnson, Libertarian Party Candidate, has been able to acquire from disenfranchised voter. Also a sudden surge from the former Bernie Sanders’ supporters will give the third-party some more recognition and help propel the party to the much-needed 15% support needed to be at the debates and recognized.

Gary Johnson is not a new face to the Presidential run in case this is your first time hearing of him. He seems to have lost some supporters from that 2012 run because they feel he has slid more mainstream in many views. It may help him with new voters so the two I see it as cancelling in each other out in terms of helping or hurting Gary Johnson. In fact the polls I have been seeing even out of mainstream media has him polling around the 12% mark. This is an obvious backlash to the distrust the voter have of the other two main candidates.

One thing is certain and it is this is going to be an entertaining race. Just how Donald will come after Hilary or vice versa to how Gary Johnson and the third-party play into this could have an interesting outcome and could sway future elections as well.

I wouldn’t hold my breath. The globalist haven’t come this far into their agenda for a self-confessed outsider to come along and set it back years, so I look for a power move either to “reign” in Donald or stay on script with the Bilderberg/CFR chosen one, Hillary. As protests pick up momentum and more people get involved mixed with months left to go before the general election, we will see many ups and downs and swings in leads.

Written by: Michael Howell

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