At the heart of the cancer that plagues society you will find a trough full of greedy pigs licking up fees and profits and any scraps they can find. The greed at which the greedy pigs, the bankers, are transferring the American wealth at is furious and without remorse. It controls our political system and makes us debt slaves through the fictitious monetary system we operate in today. Considering we are at 19+ trillion in debt it is hard to even say we are on any kind of system. Seems like we left the credit card to America’s bank account on a table at a frat party and just forgot all about it after ordering pizzas for the neighborhood.

Yes, Obama has increased the debt more than all the other presidents combined before him. And yes, he has raised the debt ceiling, in return raising out national debt. And yes, America’s credit has been downgraded, twice, in his administration, but the problem goes back to presidents long before this latest global banker spokesperson. Some fought the Central Banks, and won, and others caved and sided with them and left us today under the control of global bankers through debt. Debt slaves, serfs, open range slave, all these titles properly describe where we are and the noose is getting tighter. This form of slavery cares not about race, age, popularity, only that the meal of greed is consumed.

Our modern day Central Bank is the privately owned, for profit Federal Reserve which is not held accountable by any Congressional audit or any real oversight in the sense of the term. Though it cleverly has the allusive and official sounding “federal” in the title, don’t let it fool you. They are a board of privately owned banks and we have no leash for the massive dog they have become.

The very way our money comes into existence is criminal and by definition counterfeiting, yet we continue to accept the deception and manipulation. The signing of the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 was the start of a creative scheme to transfer the American people’s wealth and in doing so would be able to control the nation through debt. This is a scheme the principal owners of the Federal Reserve – the Rothschild Family – had been doing since the late 1700’s. It was Mayer Amschel Bayer Rothschild who is quoted as saying, “Give me control of a Nation’s currency and I care not who makes its laws.”

From the time he sent his five sons out into the world to conquer it through having the power to issue and print the currency of nations, the agenda has been inching its way forward piece by piece. Eventually, and at a very high cost of innocent lives, the House of Rothschilds Banking Dynasty was the power that was sweeping through the lands using wars and the debt of wars as an effective way of accumulating a large fortune and control over Kings and Queens. To this day they are the driving machine behind the Federal Reserve and the global banking scheme that is facing many hard times ahead as bubbles are close to bursting and the world’s confidence in the dollar is on shaky ground, at best. But don’t worry or start taking up donations. The bankers are going to be just fine. It will be us that suffer and pay the cost and I mean that in every sense of the word. We are financing our demise with debt and on a collision course with the calling of the debt being the straw that broke the camels backs. And would send us to economics strains which is how the great depression worsened.

It is this greed of having the last dollar left by the elite in order to have total control. This is the chief objective in the New World Order or global governance that the globalist have been calling for in speeches, writings, and legislation that helps keep the narrative afloat and on path.

The globalist know that America is to much of a super force to be taken from the outside (as of this moment at least) so the play that the globalist are turning to is an economic collapse or transfer of our individual wealth to the State like Cloward and Pivens wrote about in the sixties. The heavy economic burdened with the doubling of those in need of assistance coupled with high unemployment numbers will place strain on any economy, especially one with cracks already showing.

As I mentioned earlier, the very way our money comes into existence is fraudulent and counterfeiting in principal. The money is printed up and not backed by any real asset and is basically valueless at birth, but then gets loaned out, at interest to banks where it then is loaned out to us, again with interest, while the bankers get to operate under fractional reserve lending with our money. The root of the economic problem is we are operating under a fictitious Keynesian economics and have gotten away from gold backed, asset backed real money system. The operation is then perpetuated by controlling the interest rates and charge a hidden tax – artificial inflation. Not only gross a mass fortune even Kingdoms would envy to have, but acquiring their Kingdoms in the process. Controlling nations by debt, therefore, controlling the policies.

The Federal Reserve we know today is actually America’s third Central Bank. The first two being called The First Bank Of America and The Second Bank Of America. Both expired when their chapter ran out and wasn’t renewed. Many of our forefathers knew the dangers of turning over the power, away from the people, and giving it to the bankers would cause in foreign entanglements and affairs. The screams were correct, but today it is now a global effort to strip us of our individual and national sovereignty. Through a fake outside threat to the dollars itself, anything is fair game to the ruling elite.

The Congress is nothing more than speaking cardboard cutouts for the corporations that control them. They have so many sponsors that NASCAR would be jealous. The pockets of the elected are open wide to lobbyist as the marching orders get sent down the line like a tyranny factory producing oppression on an assembly line of mass production. The side-show is no longer comical, it’s detrimental. The greed for global control has infiltrated and controls the very wars we send our soldiers to fight in with the global bankers financing both sides of every major wars. War is business and bottom line numbers to them.

Next time you hear that phrase “All wars are banker wars” do not dismiss it. They are the only true profiteers of war and are the only ones that have gain from them. America is a great example of this. We are “winning” all of these wars, but our freedoms and liberties continue to shrink and get turned over to the state. Isn’t that the very thing we are told we are fighting against? We use to manufacture weapons for wars. Now we manufacture wars for weapons. The Military Industrial Complex get to demonstrate their new toys, America gets to spread some “Democracy” and right on schedule a Central Bank pops up in the country we just “liberated.” Freedom, ‘merica!

When we realize and take charge of the manipulation that is taking place then we can be the resistance that the globalist bankers fear. When we are divided we are distracted and they can make moves and dictate domestic and foreign policy.

In this race for true globalism there are many players and all the players have sponsors. From these sponsors the backer could be any or possibly all or some form of the global bankers. Financiers like the Vatican Bank, The IMF, The World Bank, The Bank of Settlements, Bank of England, and many other global bankers ensures total control of all sides and help mange the chess board pieces. The bankers are the ruling class and the masters are the legislative class. We, if we continue to kick the can down the road, will be the serfs that enjoy our chains in our open range prisons.

Written by: Michael Howell

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