Another mass shooting in America and this one is the deadliest mass shooting we have had here. At current time the death toll coming from the Orlando night club shooting is at 50 dead with 53 injured. And we have already seen the gun grabbers coming out and blaming the gun. The agenda is on point and the narrative has been written. They have only been waiting for “the right major crisis” to use this opportunity to accomplish things that before would have been unobtainable. The words from Rahm Emanuel some time back.

This all coming right smack in the middle of a Presidential election that pits anti gunner vs. pro 2nd amendment supporter. No doubt this tragedy will get exploited by both and turn into a political agenda with sinister means for the Clinton campaign. She has already made it her mission to abolish the NRA and will seize upon any event for selfish gain. She sees her taking of American’s firearms as her “obamacare” that she will consider her crowning achievement.

The other side makes a clear case on where they stand. It’s either “Molon Labe” or a more direct saying. “You don’t want guns. I have guns. You want them to be banned. I’m not giving up my guns, your move.” The liberals side of the argument continue to blame guns and thinking more legislation and government oversight will curve gun violence. If laws were the answer just make a law banning murders and problem solved. Everyone gets to keep their rights, too. Fact is that more legislation won’t deter gun violence it will only make it harder for law-abiding legal ownership of firearms and this is the real underlining agenda in gun control laws.

We do not have a gun problem we have a heart problem. Our hearts have become so filled with hate and outside influence that the gun is just the tool the problem turns to. Take guns out of the equation and the heart problem would still be there. But in taking guns out of the equation the innocent would not have equal means of self-protection. The right to life and protection from common criminal or government thugs is a nature right and like all rights can be regulated or restrained. The criminal is a criminal because they do not obey laws so by having a gun ban the criminal will still have the guns and the law-abiding citizens trying to protect family and self-will be left defenseless.

There are many factors that are leading to the current rise in violent crime, but it seems like the only attention is always on the gun, or tool, but not the root of the problem. Big Pharma is pushing psychotropics at an alarming rate and it often times is reported that the gunman was on some form of medication. Very little honest reporting is ever on the role that Big Pharma plays in the world’s violence, however, there is never a lack of reporting on the firearm itself.

Mental health issues plague this country and are on the climb. We need to address this issue from a caring perspective and treat the cause and symptoms of the illness. It is a hard subject to define when it comes to gun ownership and both parties are trying to come to some type of resolution on the matter.

What happened at the Orlando night club is still too early to tell of course, but we can’t just start running with the gun control rants and forced narratives. If laws were the answer then this wouldn’t have happened as this club was a gun free zone. One more example of laws having no effect on the criminal behavior or actions, only making victims with the ridiculous legislation. If guns were the problem then rifle ranges would be the most violent places on Earth. Turns out, they are one of the safest.

Another factor in driving the gun control talks is an issue I like to call “gun ignorance.” I do not mean that derogatory in any way, only as a way of saying most issues with firearms that many have is out of ignorance to the object. How to handle the firearm, clean it, and proper maintenance and understanding of firearms reduces the accidental shootings and teaches firearm safety.

Storing of firearms is another responsibility of the gun owner and when storing a firearm all situations need to be looked at in order to know how to properly store and retrieve the firearm if needed. The main thing to look for is from the house or family then outward. Consider the age and maturity level of all family members in the home and make the necessary steps in storing your firearms safely and readily available.

Gun education is rarely talk about as a solution or means of reducing gun crimes, but it is at the very essence of curving gun violence. These are the small simple steps we can take to reduce gun violence, but there are many other ways. Liberals will not like my position, however, it is the only logical based solution. I am all for constitutional carry, open carry, and concealed carry. It should be left to the individual how they choose to exercise the right. My opinion is open carry deters a crime and concealed carry stops a crime already in progress. Both immediately reduce crimes.

With mass shootings happening more frequently it is not by coincidence that the shooters always choose gun free zones. It is because their goal is to inflict as much casualty as possible before he is either gunned down, takes his own life, or is arrested. Whether it be a school, movie theater, or a night club, the gun free zones make it possible for the gunman the complete his mission with high cost and little resistance to him. A conceal carrying individual could have stopped the threat at once, or offered some kind of cover so many could evacuate. The life saving possibilities are numerous when we are on the same level playing field.

Look for the media and the candidates use this crisis to push the gun control initiative and it will all be in the name of safety. Like all conquering legislation it is always in the name of safety. Do not let the politicians or the media politicize these events and turn them into gun grabbing opportunities to expand the global agenda of disarmament. Take away the second amendment and we have no protection over the others. George Washington said, “The second amendment is the Liberty’s teeth.”

Written by: Michael Howell

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