When it comes to how we receive our news today there is no shortage of resources unless you are looking for the truth and then resources become few and far between. The lap dog media today is nothing more than propaganda, agenda driven talking points that are written out for us to absorb and repeat at a moments notice. And many can spew the narrative at will with no errors.

The CIA’s plan of the 50’s and 60’s to infiltrate the media with agents and operatives to steer the narrative in an operation called Operation Mockingbird is still in effect to this day. The mind control box propagates the story and with everyone’s shirt tail tucked, eye liner applied, and cue cards ready, the lights come on for the show, I mean, news to begin. The trance of millions begin. Locked in and in agreement with everything Mrs. Thang is telling us. Well not all of us. Many are waking up from the mind control the mainstream media has held on to for decades.

It is non stop in this 24-hour news cycle we have at our fingertips. From smart phones to all day news channels we are bombarded with what to think programming instead of just told what the news is. Everything on both sides of the propaganda machines is opinionated and just back and forth antics to get us riled up and continue the game, distracted and unaware that we are being programmed with meaningless dribble from paid disinformation agents to boost rating so the advertisers can come in and keep you in your trance in between your information downloads.

It is when you research, and I mean really research, that things become more transparent to the deception of our politics and views of the world. We are the audience watching the greatest illusion ever being pulled off and can’t see we are part of the trick. The smoke and mirrors is the media and the illusion is the advancement of a truly one world governing body legislated through the United Nations.

When it comes to social media the brainwashing and manipulation doesn’t get left behind. It many ways they are becoming trailblazers, both, for disinformation and truthers. How social media gets used is generally left open for the users to define based on content, friends, groups, ect. Recently, we found out that the social media giant Facebook was censoring selected party information in their “trending” section of the site keeping much Republican based news out of sight. Google is now following suit in the attempt to create or stay on a narrative. Google has been proven to be favoring searches for Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump and her former competitor, Bernie Sanders.

Right leaning Fox News is pushing the party narrative while at the same time, with the likes of Sean Hannity, is becoming Trump TV. Meagan Kelly has buried the hatchet with Donald and was given an exclusive with Trump since their falling out early on in the campaign during a squabble at a debate that Mrs. Kelly was a narrator. the media’s whole purpose is to sway and direct and Fox News knows just who their audience is and how to use it to the network’s advantage when pushing a story.

Not that anyone really watches MSNBC, but if Fox News is the right leaning network then the opposite would be the left, sometimes far left, leaning MSNBC. The Obama loving, cheeks turning red, and tingly all over Chris Matthews continues the left narrative and agenda even though I find him hard to understand. To me it is like he is trying to say 50 sentences in one and not all on the same subject. And of course, Hillary can do know wrong in the liberal’s eyes. The typical calling it a witch hunt and protecting of Hillary Clinton during the email investigation currently underway with the FBI is par for the course with the network.

The trend continues with CNN and RT and many other mainstream media making everyone seem to have a role in the agenda making real news and information hard to get and even harder to trust when acquired. I’m not going to get into all the alternative news choices in this article, but there are many to choose based on your individual interest. But be careful there as well. Fear scares and as some are finding out, it also sells. From blogs like this, to podcast, to your modern day social media truth warrior, information is passed all around.Be careful what sticks to you and always do you own research into the matter.

A handful of corporations can be traced back to ownership and control of thousands of stations and channels and print sources that are controlling the script and giving us our directives. When you trace these corporations, and others, many others, to the link it has to politics through lobbyist and its connection to secret society groups like Bilderberg Group, Council on Foreign Relations, or Trilateral Commission, we see they are a huge part in the global agenda of the ruling elite.

Back to Operation Mockingbird and how they are using it today can be found in the promoting of wars that are undeclared and unconstitutional, yet, carried out by using the media in the misinformation propaganda machine. Based on lies they were able to gain support for the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts and sought permission from the United Nations, not the United States Congress as it is law of the land, according to the Constitution, to do so. This is nothing new that wars have become global as the last war that was declared through Congress was World War II. Every war since then has been without a declaration of war.

The mass appeal to have the latest gadget or “trendy thingy” is a sure way to ensure that the programming strives. Advertisers love coming up with new ways to market that silly, soon to be broken, out of style shiny object. And even have an insurance plan ready just in case something happens. Commercials show sex appeal, desire, passion, and barely clothed couples is the method used to keep the viewer in their trance and direct the consume portion of the programming to take place. Like Neo learning Kung Fu in the Matrix, this is considered part of our “obey and consume” download.

Unplug. Unplug from it all time to time and keep a clear head. Research and stay current on issues that you are passionate about and keep spreading truths. We are at a time where the truth, when accepted, will change many lives and how they thought the world was in comparison to its true state. Satire articles may be funny, but do not post them. As someone who uses social media for politics and bringing awareness, if I post satire articles then that could question other articles I may post on important issues from other readers or truth seekers.

Know the narrative and be cautious of it as you watch or hear the news. Divide and conquer using this false left and right paradigm is all by their design. We can’t be divided in our differences, but united. We do this by not buying the disinformation coming from biased based agenda driven mainstream media that is profiting on our differences. It will not be a president that turns this around. It will be us.

Written by: Michael Howell

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