Another mass shooting and again the gun grabbers come out of the woodwork thinking that banning a certain type of firearm, or even all firearms as some have called for, will make society safe and prevent mass shootings. This type of thinking makes absolutely no sense and will do nothing to prevent violence. It would have a major effect on society and more importantly a major swing in government control which is the real reason for calling for gun control. Any logical person can see this, and pass gun legislation in other countries should be our testament to the inefficiency on firearm bans.

In America we hold our 2nd Amendment as being the “Liberty’s teeth” as George Washington once said. Without the second amendment we really have no practical means against tyranny and/or oppression. And that is what the second amendment is about. While liberals like to ask me why I need an AR-15 to hunt deer I like to reply back with simply, “I don’t.” However, the second amendment isn’t there for defining weapons used for hunting. That is why the second amendment talks about Militia and doesn’t say anything about hunters or food.

The common comeback is that the founders were talking about muskets and not assault weapons. First off, the term assault weapon is ridiculous as it is an animated object and doesn’t assault anything or anyone. Furthermore, rights do not change or becomes obsolete based on technology. Just like our freedom of speech doesn’t change just because of the invention of the internet. Though some are aggressively coming after that right as well in this world of total control.

Gun violence has been a heated topic between many people and groups for some time with the bullets from the anti gun crowd being fired at will whether their case is logical or not. In a utopia you could ban guns and everything would work just fine. Then again, if we were in a Utopia we wouldn’t need or even be talking about gun control. We do not live in such a world and shouldn’t approach gun violence from an irrational stance.

When we hear about what could have been done to avoid mass shootings like the one we had in Orlando the immediate response is always more laws and regulations. The only thing that accomplishes is making it harder for law-abiding citizens gun ownership. If laws were the answer to the problem then why do these mass shooting take place in gun free zones where guns are prohibited to be carried? All mass shootings take place in gun free zones. That is a prime example of how laws will not correct gun violence, but only make a shooting gallery for the shooter(s) and victims of the establishment they are at.

Now the big debate that is circling the airwaves is those that are on no-fly list should automatically be banned from legally owning a firearm. The talking heads are selling this idea by saying if you can’t buy a plane ticket you shouldn’t be able to buy a gun. This is beyond ridiculous when you take into account what gets people on a no-fly list. Did you know you can make the list by what you post on social media? I’m not talking about threatening things but, even by calling out government corruption you could make the list. Is that a legitimate reason to take away someone’s right because of the exercising of the first amendment right? If the government thinks you are a terrorist or think you may have friends that are then you could end up on the no fly list. Even if just accused by someone then that could warrant your name on the list as well. There have been numerous amount of people who have mistakenly been placed on the no-fly list as well.

There is another issue regarding this potential policy change and that is the removal of a right, in this case legal firearm ownership, without due process. Not even being suspected of a crime or having the right in a court of law. The punishment is handed down without the right to defend yourself. This is shaky ground because this will bleed over into other rights and situations that they may not be able to control because of our Constitution. This will set presidency on future legislation or even executive actions that limit the very rights we are supposed to be at war defending. Another political hypocrisy in the march for global control and the said mission of globalism.

In Orlando what could have been done to prevent this tragedy is to have armed security on site and the removal of it being a gun free zone. Millions of people open carry or conceal carry everyday and we never hear of those individuals committing mass shootings. There have been many cases recorded where a law-abiding, concealed carrying person has stopped the crime and reduced the potential threat. Those stories very rarely get reported in this gun hating culture we live in, but the evidence is overwhelming. When minutes matter it takes a few seconds to defend your life and the life of others.

If we somehow did eliminate all the guns from the planet we still haven’t addressed the underlining problem that is allowing or even contributing to these acts of violence and that is the heart problem. To murder or commit atrocities we are seeing takes more than gun ownership. Someone does not simply do these acts because they have a firearm. There is a much deeper problem and banning firearms will not solve these issues.

Big Pharma needs to accept their responsibility in these shootings as well. We later find out that the person responsible for these shooting was on some form of medication or psychotropics. With medication being filled faster than a kid’s pocket in a candy store the effects of these drugs have lasting effects that become a part of societies problems when they carry out their actions. Yes, Big Pharma has to answer these questions if we are going to get to the root of the problem.

We have seen countries ban firearms and it just escalate the number of stabbings or other types of violence carried out. This goes back to the heart issue and not a firearm issue. When someone is radicalized or planning on doing destruction then they will not simply stop because they can’t have access to a gun. That is a mental problem and needs to be treated as such. Giving up my means of protection will have no bearing on someone hell-bent on destruction and chaos. It only makes me a victim for his cause. Same thing with the gun free zones. There is a reason they do not plan mass shootings at a rifle range. They seek mass casualty and at a firing range they wouldn’t get far in their mission. Why? Because of good guys with guns! Instead they target movie theaters, schools, and most recently, night clubs where the resistance is minimal and the body count is high.

The cities that have the strictest gun laws also have higher violent crimes in their communities. Murder, rapes and assaults are prominent in these cities. Chicago being the one city that has the toughest gun laws has more casualties in one weekend then we have seen in certain points in the Iraq war. The needless deaths that were allowed to happen because they were not given the opportunity to defend themselves and loved ones. New Orleans, Detroit, New York, Los Angeles are other cities with high violent crimes and hard to legally acquire firearms. It’s not by coincidence that these areas are Democratic controlled cities as well. High violent crimes and low gun ownership go hand in hand and the criminals know this.

The common sense approach to this is not to ban firearms, but to explore what causes these cases and you will find that gun ownership is not the problem. Making potential victims out of someone’s idiotic ideology only perpetuates and empowers the shooter. Gun control has nothing to do with guns and everything to do with control. We are seeing a usurping of our Constitution and this push for globalism and our rights are what is standing in their way. The elite will use our good nature and their deception to continue to push for legislation, but rest assured none of this will prevent gun violence and will aimed at gun ownership. That is the underlining goal here and we need to cut this off immediately. Being left defenseless is not an option.

Written by: Michael Howell

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