Whether it is to go to war with another country or to institute legislation here in America the elite have many plays in their play books and at the top of the list is false flags. Not very creative and very sloppy and obvious, the heartless continue to use us as pawns in their global agenda. In the quest for global control and taking of resources they use many tactics that include fear and our good nature. This is at the heart of their agenda as keeping us in just the right amount of fear and wanting of government protection perpetuates their goals. It’s the Hegelian Dialectic and many can’t see it which is why is has been so successful. Problem – Action – Solution. They create the problem, come in with the action to the problem, and magically have the solution to the very problem they created.

The latest false flag in Orlando is a perfect example of how they use these tragedies to make advancements on their agenda and legislation. Yes, I did just call Orlando a false flag and will be naming others as well. Do not think I mean that this was fake in the sense that no one died or didn’t happen, just false in the narrative. It was used to push the gun control legislation that they have tried to push for some time now. From everything coming out of Orlando this appears to be even sloppier than the Sandy Hook shooting.

Before I go any farther let’s define false flag so in reading this we are on the same page. A false flag is  covert operations that are designed to deceive in such a way that the operations appear as though they are being carried out by entities, groups, or nations other than those who actually planned and executed them. What is seen as a tragedy to us is a method to their control.

A secret mission or plan in 1962 called Operation Northwoods was a proposed false flag against the Cuban government that was orchestrated between the Department of Defense (DoD) and the Joint Cheifs of Staff (JCS) of the United States government. The proposed plan was the calling of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) along with other departments in the government to stage acts of terrorism against the American people and military targets while placing the blame on the Fidel Castro and the Cuban government, thus, prompting us into a war with Cuba. President Kennedy saw through the deception and lies and rejected the proposal. Though the plan was rejected by the Kennedy administration it is the tool driving the Military Industrial Complex to this day and has, for the most part, been extremely effective. This time we are seeing this strategy used in the Middle East instead of Cuba.

Just how did we get to this point in the Middle East with the perpetual bombing and stealing of a nation’s resources? This brings us to the mother lode of all false flags and that is 9/11. Did you just roll your eyes? Did you have that “here we go feeling again” felling? If you did then I can rest assured you have done little to no research into 9/11. That’s alright, it,s better late than never.

With America itching to go to war in the Middle East, the government had no real legitimate reason for an invasion of Iraq. Enter the events of 9/11 mixed with a gross amount of fear propaganda and the road to war would be paved. Weapons of mass destruction, harboring terrorist, Saddam killing his own people, it was all used after 9/11 to get us into the Middle East to destabilize the region. It has worked to perfection with the masses on board to invade Iraq out of fear.

If we would have slowed down a bit and asked questions we could have easily seen that the events of 9/11 were not only false, but using the “official report” the events are impossible. Two planes hitting two buildings and the result from that being three building falling? In the history of steel frame structures no building has even fell due to office fires. On this miraculous day it happened three times. Never before or since has that happened, but on 9/11 we have three cases of this happening. The two towers fell at near free fall speed acting as if it had no resistance below as they came crashing down. Building 7, which is the key for me and others, wasn’t even hit by a plane and suffered superficial damage and isolated fires, came crashing down in the same manner. The owner, Larry Silverstein is on record during an interview with PBS as saying he and others made the decision to “pull” the building and it came down around 5:20 in the evening. Another anomaly was the fact that the BBC reported on live television the collapse of building 7 about 30 minutes before it actually happened. You can clearly see building 7 in the background during the live report. How did the know the building was going to collapse? And how could they just “pull” it in a matter of hours? It takes months to wire a building of that size for demolition.

Firefighters, first responders, police officers, witness and even the live news reports of that day all witnessed explosions going off in the building before they came down. The lobby of the towers looked like a bomb went off below in the sub floors. Witnesses even recall experiences where they were “thrown against walls” or “blown upwards” indicating the explosion came from below, not the planes hitting the towers. When it comes to 9/11 all four crash sites have more questions than answers. The one thing the four sites have in common is all the anomalies and impossibilities surrounding the official story pertaining to the sites. To date only one video surfaces of the attacks on the Pentagon and it does not show a plane only an explosion. Keep in mind the Pentagon is the most secured building in the world with the most surveillance of any building.

Sandy hook was another blatant and obvious false flag. This was to get us into war as well, but not with another country, but the second amendment. We are told that a frail looking kid went into the elementary school in New Town, Connecticut and opened fire on the students and faculty there. The FBI has yet to release any death certificates from Sandy Hook and it has been reported by many that no one died there. I can’t comment on the validity of if anyone does there or not, but in all I have seen in my research I lean towards the no one died there scenario. With actors like Robbie Parker and others the narrative was played out, reported at length, and the anti gunners came from everywhere to blame the gun instead of the actions of Adam Lanza. The school was closed off and then very quickly demolished before any real questions or investigations could be conducted. The actions at the fire station with the people walking around and through the building leave me puzzled as to what they were doing walking in a circle.

Boston bombing, U.S.S. Liberty, Operation Gladio, Aurora theater shooting, Gulf of Tonkin, and now the Orlando shooting all follow the same pattern of false flags. This is another attack from the left and progressives to come after our 2nd Amendment and the gross attempt at disarmament. When these attacks happen, even though they perpetrators themselves claim Islam we are told not to broad sweep all Muslims by the actions of few, yet, are told we need to give up our guns because of the actions of few. The hypocrisy is sickening and the motives are obvious. How can we blame the gun for the problem and not the person? We can’t.

The Pulse night club shooting was an attempt at the continuing divide and conquer strategy that the globalist love to use against us. It is imperative to them that we are divided as that is the only way we can be conquered by a small minority of corrupt globalist. They divide us economically, socially, racially, and now we are seeing the division cross over to the 2nd amendment. They are pitting us against each other and using guns as the division. Before you buy into the division let me ask you one question. How many lives could have been saved if that wasn’t a gun free zones and the patrons had the right to defend themselves? Banning guns will do nothing to the criminal mind intent on harming or killing for their cause. Criminal will always have guns and will not abide by any laws or legislation. It will only affect responsible gun owners and contribute to the taking away of a natural right to life by making us victims to someone’s ideology.

As we see the evidence coming out of Florida materialize we see stories changing, actors reveled, but the narrative staying on course. There is footage of the wounded be carried towards the club instead of away from the club. We also see the wounded being set down and laughing and dancing after they pass out of the news cameras view. Well, they thought they were out of the camera’s view.

By staging this false flag at a gay night club they were hoping to drive the wedge of division even deeper into society, but this time it is back firing as we are seeing support of the second amendment from the very same community they were relying on to advance the agenda. Now we see them scrambling for legislation and action out of desperation. The latest silly legislation is the “No Fly – No Buy” bill that is being talked about. The stance is that if you are on the no fly list then that automatically disqualifies someone from buying a firearm. Sounds good and reasonable until you hear how you can make the list.

You can wind up on the no fly list simply for making social media post or just being suspected of being a terrorist. This is dangerous waters we would enter as anyone deemed in the eyes of the government as being a threat could make the list. This is the stripping of more rights as you are not allowed due process or even to make a case on you being on the list. Many people have found themselves on this list as a mistake. There is no process before you make the list, only once you are on the list and it could take years to clear yourself from that list.

Let’s go a little deeper into what the government deems as domestic terrorist. According to their own list some examples are Christians, gun owners, Constitutionalist, Libertarians, returning veterans and second amendment supporters. Does that sound like a list of terrorist to you? Yet, these are the very same group of people who would/could make the no fly list, in return stripping them of their right to defend themselves. I guess having all these wars to protect our freedoms, rights, and way of life was just a smoke screen to expand the globalist agenda through the powers of the United States military and the heart-strings of the American people.

If you are against guns I have no problem with that. Just don’t buy one. That is you exercising your rights. I ask that you have the same respect when it comes to others trying to exercise their rights. If you are truly against guns then I expect you to just tell the rapist, armed robber, or threat against you that this is a gun free zone. If the rapist leaves, your case is made. If not, then when you leave the hospital your first stop should be to a gun store to purchase you first firearm.

Don’t let these false flags and agenda driven policies continue to divide us. We do not have a gun problem we have a heart problem and those are two polar opposites. Don’t disarm your neighbor and put their families lives in danger because you believe in this utopia where we will eliminate all the guns from the streets. First, that will never happen only make victims of others. Secondly, it is not your place to dictate someone else’s rights.

Written by: Michael Howell

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