It appears that there are many people out there that would sell out for their share of 30 pieces of silver. From social media to politicians the lines are long for those that deny or just do not care about the truth, but instead look for advancement, acceptance, or their high spot in society without realizes the dire consequences of their actions. Friends against friends, families against families all for the fictitious comfort that they think they will continue to enjoy. This is just the opening act for what is to come as well. If you think people are selling out now, just wait. It is going to get much worse and much more manipulative.

As the noose tightens and money and resources become more scarce, the game will become more cut throat and ruthless. Information will be harder to come by and the deceit will wash over us all disguised as the truth to all the Empire’s lies. Truth will be the new treason and globalism the new norm. It’s not coming it is here. Slowly gaining momentum the last few decades the plans have accelerated to a point of a new scandal everyday and a new rumor of war. We have many battles taking place globally, but the one that is mostly overlooked is the battle right here in America. The war between the government and the people’s sovereignty. We keep winning these wars for freedoms in foreign lands and continue to lose our freedoms right here at home. If what the chosen ones tell us is true, that we send our men and women to war to protect our way of life and our freedoms, then I have to give the victory to our enemies. Of course they are not fighting for our freedoms, but being used for the goal of globalism.

So many agencies, groups, and individuals are scrambling for their 30 pieces of silver that they will buy the narrative regardless how absurd it is or the consequences it has on their fellow-man. As I write this article there is talk in Congress about gun control. Coming off the events in Orlando, the need for answers are great, however, no one is asking real questions. Instead it is the taking of more rights being thrown around as the solution to the problems, and that is the lost of due process that is being talked about at this moment.

The elite always like to play on our emotions after a tragic event. The master manipulators are conniving when it comes to their wants and ruthless at the means of achieving their goals. Like Rahm Emanuel said, “Never let a crisis go to waste.”, and they monopolize on all the events that they help create and perpetuate.

The latest action against gun violence that the corrupt want to try is the no-fly no-buy legislation. This sounds great on the surface, but when it is thought out to conclusion it does nothing to stop gun violence and will be the under the table solution to their biggest goal – a disarmed populace.

The thought behind the legislation is that if you are on a no fly list then you shouldn’t be able to purchase a firearm. What is not talked about is the fact that you can make that list by mistake and without due process. That is a slippery slope that we shouldn’t voluntarily, without fight, go down. Suspicion alone without the opportunity to defend ourselves in a court of law is not a reason to render someone defenseless against a real threat. Bypassing Constitutional rights to take away Constitutional rights is at the crossroads we are at. Either we have a Constitution or we don’t. Can’t have it both ways like the left is trying to do.

With all this corruption mounting it is evident that the politicians are collecting their 30 pieces of silver and have no remorse about the consequences that come out of their betrayal of the American people. Our Congress has become just another name for corporate representatives who have the lobbyist vying for their dirty work and greed. Their actions used to be done in darkness, but now showing no care or concern against resistance, they parade it out in the open and when questioned about the deceit and lies the conversation quickly turns to the one card they like to play and play often. The “for your safety and national security card” that seems to work at any given moment.

The gross expanding police state is another prime example of the authoritarians handing out pouches of thirty silver pieces to those willing to hold out a hand. Unconstitutional stops, militarized equipment, enforcement of free speech zones, arresting of people feeding the homeless, and many other atrocities are becoming the norm and the tensions are rising. Having sworn an oath to the Constitution they are bypassing or ignoring it all together and continue to be good lap dogs of the ever petting masters they obey. For the higher-ups they get the thirty pieces of silver and for the lower ones on the rung they get the promise of new militarized equipment and almost a free pass to do as please as they will receive a free vacation and are generally protected from the actions of their wrong doings.

This lavish handing out of silver pieces isn’t limited just to the authoritarian level, but much of the time goes to lower level scum like lobbyist and policy writers. Having written policies myself and at one time in my life wanting to be a lobbyist I can tell you with great truths and certainty that there are many hands out waiting for their silver for coming up with ways of usurping our rights and liberties. It is at this level that the silver pieces flow and flow often. Never missing an opportunity to capitalize by any means, the greed is heightened and the competition for payment is cut throat.

One of, if not the biggest welfare recipients of the government passing out of silver pieces is the media. The mainstream media has become corrupt, malicious, and mouthpieces for the globalist. They will sit behind their news desk and spew lies day after day, night after night, and have the people believing every word they say with no questions offered as rebuttals. Operation Mockingbird was as covert operation where the CIA would infiltrate the media and give us our “news.” This operation continues to this day at a much bigger pace than ever before. All the news outlets can be traced back to a few people owning them all, and ironically, it is the same people handing out silver pieces to the willing. Alternative media are getting to be that way as well with the infiltration of Operation Mockingbird making its presence known in the once integrity driven platform.

With the Rothschilds owning the printing press and controlling the agenda the supply of silver pieces to hand out will always be readily available to those willing to sell their soul for the enslavement of man. What good is it to gain the world and lose your soul? This is exactly what is happening and the evidence is all around us.

Written by: Michael Howell

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