The globalist are on the run and finding fewer safe places to hide these days. The agenda is known and the people are starting to wake up and see what the elite, with directives from the United Nations, are doing. The plan to unionize the world under one rule is starting to crack. It is our duty to completely shatter it and we are moving in that direction. Years of plotting, wars, manipulation, and deceit is on the doorstep and we are just about to the point of kicking down the door. Enough is enough. Lost of freedoms and rights along with perpetual endless wars is making us weary of the agenda that we no longer want to be a part of.

Much of the world has been privy to this for some time, but America’s journey to globalism has been shrouded in denial and refusal to see what is in front of them. Times they are ‘a changing to quote Bob Dylan. With each new legislation and false flag the people are coming around to see just what a global society would truly entail and are getting angry at the attempt to coral us like sheep to the slaughter. We are becoming the wolves and it is almost feeding time. We still have much work ahead of us to stop the insanity and ideology that placated us in this one world utopia that they seek.

Though this one world plan is centuries old it has taken time to develop and come to fruition. Methodical, calculating, and conniving they have done everything they know to do in order for us to follow their lead into oblivion. From false flags, to market manipulation, to wars and fear of wars we have mostly been silent and complacent, but all that is coming to an abrupt end. The turning point is here and how we proceed will determine the future of individual sovereignty and the way of life we leave future generations. This is not a time to kick the can down the road, but to take out the trash.

The mainstream media can no longer cover and hide the lies that they have spewed for their masters. Operation Mockingbird is crumbling as more independent journalist and alternative media sprouts up to expose the corruption and force the narrative to be brought to light. In a time when our ignorance has been their power the corrupt have used our good nature to become not only powerful, but to usurp our Constitutional rights as well.

The latest attempt to bypass out rights for the global agenda is the talk about the No Fly No Buy list of legal gun ownership. While on the surface it sounds right one would only have to do little research to see the dangers in adopting this policy. It is a list you could find yourself on without even being suspected or convicted of a crime. Suspicion only can be a justified measure taken to strip you of your right to defend yourself through legal gun ownership. No trial, no due process and a violation of the 5th amendment is at the heart of the argument, but the left is aggressively trying harder than ever to get this legislation pushed through. Even going as far as staging a sit-in in their safe place. This legislation would make us guilty until proven innocent and no way of defending yourself prior to being on the list, only once you are on the list.

The ramp up to world government or globalism kicked into high gear after the events of 9/11 that brought us two wars (undeclared by Congress) and many liberty taking, Constitution usurping laws and bureaucracies. Agencies like the TSA and NSA went into full battle mode with the American people and show no signs of slowing down unless we dig in and take the fight to them. We are told that our soldiers are fighting for our freedoms and way of life, yet, we are seeing both dwindle as collectivism is gaining momentum and acceptance.

With each passing day, the words and warnings of Ed Snowden and other whistleblowers like Aaron Russo and Michael Hastings is playing out in front of our eyes. Truth movements have picked up the baton and are passing it along to anyone that will hear the message and defend liberty. Social media has played a huge part in spreading awareness to the corruption that we not only see, but is protected from prosecution or accountability. Those days are surely numbered as the growing watchful eyes multiply in number.

The latest developments, as of yesterday, has dealt a severe blow to the New World Order and that was Britain leaving the European Union. This is a sign that many are aware of the global agenda and want no part of it. Now, if we can keep the tide turning we could end other draconian acts such as the Patriot Act, NDAA, and the entire spying program of the NSA. The message that was sent was a unified message and not a divided ideology. These things happen when we unite and not play the globalist game of divide and conquer. This is a big step, but the journey is long and the attacks to reign us in to their goals will become more frequent and with greater cost. In war there are many battles before the victor can be claimed. This battle we may have won, but the war is far from over.

The ‘one world’ that the Rockefellers and others had envisioned is showing signs of cracking. It is our duty and obligation to finish it off by shattering the ideology that the elite have. A one world governing system is an end to national sovereignty, individual sovereignty, and the beginning of a total authoritarian criminal regime headed by global bankers and military powers that answer to no rule and law except those they create.

At the root of globalism is the world bankers and their fictitious hold they have on us with their monopoly currency and control of artificial inflation and market. Funding both sides of all the wars, staging false flags to keep us fearful of the very enemy they create and moving us to a socialized healthcare are just some of the diabolical methods used by them with many more plays in their play book coming. Indeed, the only powers the globalist have are the powers we freely give them. Time to cut them off and start passing out handcuffs for the crimes against humanity that they are responsible for. Who’s with me?

Written by: Michael Howell

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