How far have we come from since July 4th, 1776? In many aspects we have made leaps and bounds, while in other ways, many ways actually, we have reverted back to the ”kings and queens know better than us” mentality that we were declaring our independence from. In modern America those kings and queens have just been renamed “politicians”, but the goals of the elite are still intact and running a muck with corruption and greed.

So the hamburgers and hot dogs are on the grill, beer on ice, and good friends on their way ready to celebrate independence, but what are you really celebrating? Honestly, besides the mass amounts of beer we will consume and hamburgers we will eat, how many actually know what we are celebrating? Do you really understand the circumstances in which led to our rebellion against the British government? If so, why are we putting up with so much more now? Sam Adams would be livid in today’s times as rights are not only being trampled on, but freely surrendered in many instances. Of course it is all in the name of safety as they like to say. It is here I am reminded of the infamous quote of Benjamin Franklin.

“Those that give up liberties for temporary security, deserve neither, liberty nor security.” – Ben Franklin

I have heard this saying for years and have thought about it at length over those years. Words of wisdom and a foreshadow of what was to come in America through future generations. Ben Franklin is also attributed with saying,

“I have given you a Republic, if you can keep it.” – Ben Franklin

This is a telling statement as what came out of the meeting and eventually became our Constitution was meant for a Republic, not for democracy. In fact, many people of the time made it very clear that a democracy would grow government while shrinking individual rights and liberties. Democracy can best be described as two wolves and a sheep voting what’s for dinner. A Republic is an armed sheep contesting the vote. Democracy is mob rule and the controlling concept of the minority.

“Remember, democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself.” – John Adams

This is important to realize because of the Imperialistic spreading of democracy throughout the world that America has found itself at the center of spearheading. With perpetual, undeclared wars becoming the norm our military is now operating over 700 bases in over 130 countries. This is a testament to just how far off track from our founding we have become. A true measuring stick of a Republic becoming the very thing it was established to prevent – An Empire. All in the name of safety they were able to erase centuries of accomplishments and contaminate the blood that our fallen soldiers have spilled to preserve.

What we celebrate as the Fourth of July today is nothing more than an excuse to party or enjoy the moment with friends and family. If we were honest with ourselves about our freedoms and liberties then we would be having a revolt, not a BBQ. With a massive amount of liberties being taken from us we have become complacent in safeguarding what generations have been willing to die to preserve. Why and how did we get to this point when we are a beacon for the world of liberty and values? It is really simple. Misplaced trust with our ”leaders” and a lack of accountability towards those that impose their agenda on us. The global elitist have made an attempt at overthrowing the Republic and to a large degree have been successful. A vanishing of national sovereignty towards a global society headed by the United Nations has usurped our Constitution and few are even aware of the problem, let alone willing to fight for the cause.

The globalist use our men and women in uniform to advance their goal using our blood, sweat, tears, and lost for their maniacal plan. Meanwhile, selling us flags to waive and growing the ever expanding spying program of the NSA. Using that fear tactic against our good nature they are able to convince people that if you do not support undeclared wars then you are against the military or unpatriotic. That couldn’t be farther from the truth as the most patriotic act you could do is to protect our service men and women in uniform by not placing them in a position to break the oath to the Constitution. It is out of fear and repercussion that they do not speak out. It is our duty to watch over them and voice our outrage at the politicians that puts them against the very oath that they swore to.

If you are planning on traveling this holiday season you are very likely to come across an example of “freedom.” Actually, more of a sign of the growing tyranny, but the masses do not see it as such. While you are on the highways traveling chances are you will come across a checkpoint or two in your travels. Once again, here is the safety card being played and the populace going right along with the desensitizing of us all. We have fought wars over the very same concept of ”show me your papers” to now begging authority figures to take away the Constitutional rights for that temporary freedom Ben Franklin warned us about. This is a gross misrepresentation of how freedom works and a perfect example of how massive and intruding government can get when left unchecked.

We are constantly bombarded with lies in order to keep the Empire going unabated and without resistance. There is an awakening that is taking place as their evil agenda starts to show signs of cracking and the eventual collapse. All Empires, regardless of how big or powerful they get eventually come crashing down. The façade that Washington portrays is one of power and protection while hiding the real face of divide and conquer. The division part of their plan is going off without a hitch with the second part of the plan, conquer, is waiting in the wings.

America is no stranger to war and the trend continues today with Isis. This is where my frustration grows and the contradiction among Washington elites shines through. Isis, according to D.C. (District of Corruption), wants to come over here and kill us for our freedoms and liberties because they hate our way of life. This has to be the most convoluted statement that I have heard. Even if it was true the first act in this war needs to be those that armed, funded, and trained those fighters arrested, yet, they get re-elected to perpetuate the losing of the very same freedoms we are supposed to be protecting. Using the politicians own statements of fear mongering, then one would have to agree that they are the terrorist themselves. Name me one freedom that Isis has taken from you. I’ll wait. Let me intervene for a second, they haven’t taken one freedom from you. I could list a whole smorgasbord of liberties that the government has taken from us though.

There is now an all out assault against our second amendment as the progressives believe that in order to curb gun violence, the answer is to make it harder through regulations to legally acquire a firearm. Pass as many laws as you want to the reason we call them criminals is because they do not obey the said laws now. The progressive mind is that once guns are banned then the criminal will lay down their firearms as well. Yes, Dianne Feinstein has publicly made similar statements. If laws worked then just make it a law to not murder someone and problem solved. No more needless deaths and everyone keeps their second amendment rights. This, of course, is not about guns as simple logic will verify, but rather the control part.

Indeed we are giving up our way of life and freedoms and having parades to celebrate this act. Past generations are shacking their fist at us in disgust as we are handing over everything that was fought for. We are slowly undoing the work that our founding fathers so meticulously crafted. A once strong and healthy Republic has become the poster child around the world for government overreach and usurping of the Constitution. Much of the world has been vocal about the Brexit vote and many here have no idea what that even is. We need to wake from our sleep in our lazy-boy recliners get out there and be vocal that the United States will not be a part of the global plan by surrendering our natural rights and liberties. We are a Constitutional Republic and by damn we will fight anyone who tries to change that. That is what our Independence was about and that is what we are losing to these globalist.

While you are out this holiday enjoying yourselves keep the meaning alive and help in spreading the truths about the coming one world government that has America in its cross hairs. We are the last superpower that can stop the agenda, but we have to recognize and acknowledge the fight so we can formulate an accurate game plan. They have their plans stacked and ready to roll out while many of us do not even realize we are in a fight. What will you be celebrating this Fourth of July? The past independence or the future ground fight to come in order to restore the Republic. We are all playing our role. Do not let complacency be your role. History repeats itself and Independence will come full circle again. Which side will you be on?

Written by: Michael Howell

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