We have all felt it and we have all seen it. The division that is growing in communities, between law enforcement and civilians, between corporations and their customers, and even between the media and their viewers, is nothing more than a planned division before the coming conquer. The old “Divide and Conquer” strategy that gains momentum with each day that passes when it goes unchecked and not confronted. The left continues to take a page straight out of the Alinsky playbook and no level of deceit is off-limits to the party of “tolerance.” The lap dog mainstream media is taking their orders without question or rebuttal and true unbiased reported gives way to agenda driven hypocrisy. With each report the wedge of division gets driven deeper into the Republic’s chest and unity, though espoused by the left-wing of the bird, gets farther away from America’s view.

The right-wing of this political bird shouldn’t think their hands are clean in this biased, unprofessional, inept modern-day tactics of agenda driven journalism. In fact, I really shouldn’t use the term “journalism” when I speak of what mainstream media and the reporting that we see on our television or in print has become. Long gone are the days when someone would just report the news with fact and clarity and leave it to the viewers to form their own opinion. Nowadays they feel they have to shape our thoughts and ideology because we are incapable of our own processes in doing so. The bright shining light I am thankful to see is that you, me, all of us are now becoming the media army because mainstream media can not do their job and we are sick of the propaganda from both sides. The reason is not derelict in duty that they are failing us, but instead the fact that they are pawns reading a script without any journalistic integrity or fortitude to drop the narrative their masters give them and report the facts.

Just how the elite are dividing us for their eventual conquer is ingenious I give them that. They placate on our fears and push us into quick and irrational thoughts so that we turn to them for the very same solutions to the problems they created. This tactic is known as the Hegelian Dialectic. (See my article “Are We Experiencing The Hegelian Dialectic“) In short this is the problem – action – solution method. The elite create the problem or chaos, get us all riled up, and then come in looking like saviors to the situation that they methodically planned. Fear has led us into war(s) with 9/11 being the prime example. After the events of 9/11 they seemed to have all the answers to what happened, how we should respond, and what legislation it would take to keep us “safe.” Shortly after the attacks they rolled out the Patriot Act that they, ironically, already had written and had in their toolbox prior to 9/11. How convenient is that? Like they knew it was going to happen.

Instead of looking at the facts of 9/11 and all the anomalies of that day at each of the crash sites and doing a real investigation, the agenda for control was pushed out on the American people and before we could really digest what happened we had the names of the perpetrators, the motive, and the majority of the American people wanting to shove a boot up someone’s ass. It really didn’t matter who to most, they just wanted revenge. The top officials went to anyone who would listen and sold us on weapons of mass destruction (WMD’s) that didn’t exist and fifteen years later still has never been found. We do, however, have Central Banks in the very same areas we went to war with. That was the goal the entire time.

While wars are a favorite of theirs because it is so profitable for the Military Industrial Complex and global bankers it is by far the only means that they use to divide us. We are seeing a massive build up to the police state that will eventually lead to us turning over our rights in the name of safety and it, too, will be done out of fear versus rational thoughts and means.

From the Presidential podium to news conferences Obama has spoken of the need to federalize the police in light of the increased violence towards police in Dallas and other instances. This will only deepen the divide and take the police from the community level and place them under the control of another federal bureaucracy. We have already seen what the effects of militarized gear and vehicles have done towards the public’s trust in local law enforcement.

One way and the most effective way of starting the tear down the wall between the people and law enforcement is the way we are being policed in the streets and local communities. With a prison for profit system that relies on the head count in the system instead of focusing on rehabilitation, we are seeing the jails fill up with victimless crimes offenders and non violent crimes. Ending the war on victimless crimes would go along way in strengthening relationships and placing the trust back in the hands of the people. There is a racial under tone in the way we police, but it also stretches to all people of all races in the victimless crimes revenue generating scheme we have grown to accept. See article, “End Victimless Crimes Before They End Us“)

Economically is the one divide we are all collectively feeling. The elite like to use this tactic in separating us in classes and then using those classes against each other for their political gain and our continual loss. This has often been referred to as the Cloward and Piven strategy and has been used at great lengths against us. The globalist agenda is a divided populace because they know that with us united focusing on the real enemy, their puppet masters, we would over take the system and the one world agenda would be like a train without any tracks to ride on.

The Cloward and Pivens strategy is designed to over burden the system with debt that we place more of our dependency on the govt and their programs designed to collectivize society. The collapse of the middle class through outsourcing and regulating heavily the manufacturing jobs has been a successful means that we have seen as the real unemployment numbers are coming out. In the past 8 years it has been a steady attack on the middle class that the bankers have reaped huge profits from and the transfer of wealth from us has gone unchecked and the corruption uncharged.

There are many fronts and battlefields in the global game, but we all need to realize it is not left vs. right, Democrats vs. Republicans, or even police vs. people, but the war is the elite vs. the rest of us. Like George Carlin said perfectly, “It is a big club and you ain’t in it!” Truer words have never been spoken and we must realize we are not our brother’s enemy, but keeper. Everyone in this battle should be looked at as our brother and we can turn the tide against the global elitist through the one and only thing they fear – our unity. Don’t be a pawn in their chess game and help expose the truths around their many lies. It is not a race problem, social problem, or any other fictitious man-made problem we together, united, we can be the solution.

Written by: Michael Howell

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