Every time I hear the phrase “Cult of Personality” I am reminded of the 80’s song by the rock band Living Color and especially the ending of the song that concludes with the driving message “I am the….I am the…I am the Cult of Personality” that is immediately followed with a clip of J.F.K.’s speech, “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.” Fast forward to 2016 and that last line of the famous song could very easily be Hillary Clinton’s Presidential campaign slogan. “I am the Cult of Personality” would make a truthful campaign slogan for the Clinton campaign.

Just what is cult of personality and how does it fit Hillary like a glove? One definition I found was, “a cult promoting adulation of a living national leader or public figure, as one encouraged by Stalin to extend his power.” With all the adulation surrounding Hillary based on the opportunity for America to have its first female President instead of all of her criminal activity I would say this is most accurate and telling of the decline we are facing today.

She continues to walk between the raindrops of corruption and eludes any prosecution for obvious and blatant crimes that would have any of us under the jail. We have seen the evidence that the DNC rigged the election against Bernie Sanders who mounted a huge grassroots campaign just so Hillary Clinton could get her long overdue 8 year coronation that the voters of the party wasn’t ready to give her. 

To make matters worst and a farther slap in the American voters face the FBI cleared her of all wrong doing in the email scandal even though FBI Director Comey admitted to Trey Gowdy that, yes, she had classified information on her private server. Of course the reason she got off, among many, is the fact that she didn’t “intend” to break the law. She had a private email server in her home. If that alone isn’t blatant violation and intent then I just do not know what is. Besides, ignorance of the law is not excuse. If this was your average person who’s driving down the road drunk and gets pulled over could you imagine the look on the officers face if they said, “well I was at the bar drinking, but didn’t “intend” on getting drunk and driving.” Yes, it really is this level of absurdity. Actually worst because this puts National Security at risk.

The Clintons operate under a different set of law from us peasant though and the proof couldn’t be more obvious. From her dealings at Rose Law Firm to travelgate to her stealing over $200,000 worth of furniture, china, artwork and other items from the White House after they left during Bill’s terms, the Clinton are the real Teflon Dons. Nothing every sticks to them investigation after investigation.

Back to the definition of Cult of Personality. It also is defined as, “a situation in which a public figure (such as a political leader) is deliberately presented to the people of a country as a great person who should be admired and loved.” Hillary is being propped up by the leftist media based on no accomplishments other than the fact that she is a female running for the highest seat in the Land and “it is her time.” This is how dumbed down society has become and an all time low in honest investigative journalism. In fact, we shouldn’t even call mainstream media journalism anymore, but State run propaganda. That is the correct adjective when referring to modern day journalist.

We have seen Wikileaks come under fire for exposing Hillary’s email’s when it use to be the job of the media to do this. Now the media is protecting the darling of corruption and vilifying honest reporting. What is black is white, up is down, wrong is right in this protect the queen mentality. Even the voters in her own party do not trust her as the number of attendees at her rallies is proving. Compared to her opponent, Donald Trump’s rallies, it looks like the difference in a high school football game compared to a NFL professional game. The people just can not get behind her as the general public is just tired of the Clinton machine.

The FBI is not the only agency dropping the ball in honoring the “justice is blind” stance we were founded on. Recently the DoJ has stopped looking into the Clinton Foundation, or what it should really be called, the Clinton Money Laundering Pay to Play Foundation. An organization used as donations for favors in return. There is no scandal or corruption that the Clintons shy away from as long as it propels their political careers and pushes the global agenda forward. The army behind them that is sheltering and protecting them will come crashing down with them. Let’s just hope it happens sooner rather than later as we can not continue down the road that a Hillary presidency would take us down.

As the charade continues to circle her campaign the cult of personality grows in the media’s deception and reporting. She is being propped up as someone to be admired based on continual lies and false reporting. Operation Mockingbird at its finest and the public can’t seem to grasp what is happening. The house of cards is crumbling before the glue has time to dry on the next card that is being placed in formation. Will she be able to be protected until the general election is concluded? I believe she will be because of the powers that guard and surround her. Couple that with a leftist media and the recipe spells President Clinton.

To quote Hillary herself, “What difference at this point does it make?” Well to the future of this Republic it makes a great difference to the amount of sovereignty we maintain or surrender. The nomination of the next Supreme Court Judge will come down to the next President as well as the passing of the TPP among many other draconian legislation coming down from the globalist. Not to mention her hatred of the 2nd Amendment as she sets her sights on the NRA. Just what a Hillary Clinton presidency could mean for America could drive a final nail in the Constitutional rights that we were founded on and usher in a global government via the United Nations. The times are a changing and the winds of change is blowing like a hurricane to the unaware public. Prepare now or suffer later.

Written by: Michael Howell

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