Oh, America is bleeding and no one is administering first aid fast enough. In fact, many are even unaware that she is bleeding. The Statue of Liberty is pass the point of shaking her fist and even crying. Lady Liberty is about to walk off her pedestal and leave us to our own demise. The Liberty Bell’s crack is about to shatter and the Battle of Lexington and Concord is about to fade into history along with the modern-day patriot. Yes, indeed, America is bleeding.

We see the “Come and Take It” flags, the “Molon Labe” flags, as well as the “Don’t Tread on Me” flags flying and at protest, rallies, and plastered all over social media, but the one thing we do not see is the American flag flying in her sign of distress, upside down. If we were honest with ourselves this would be the proper way to display the flag in today’s times. The American flag is only authorized to be flown upside down in times of distress and if what the Republic has become today doesn’t qualify for that then I do not know what does.

From the massive and growing police state to draconian, liberty taken legislation like the Patriot Act and the current TPP, we have lost our way and headed down a road that will be hard, if not impossible, to reverse or correct our direction. When whislteblowers are treated as the crime itself and the crime gets overlooked the signs should be blunt and clear. What is white is black, up is down, left is right and we are still divided in our differences instead of coming together in our differences to combat the real problem – Globalism.

The ones that have come before us to warn us have been ridiculed, laughed at, or just flat-out ignored to the point that we have become complacent and lethargic to any form of rebellion or comprehension to the issues. The things we have fought wars over we now accept as the norm and nine out of ten times it is in the name of safety. Our foreign policy hasn’t changed in 60 years and creates more terrorist than it stops. That is by design and the architects are master designers. Our money is fictitious and printed out of thin air, not backed by anything and we work two jobs and kill each other for more of it. oh, America is bleeding alright.


Beautiful, but troubling image of what the Republic has become

How did we get to undeclared wars, no regard for the sworn oath to the Constitution by those who are said to “protect us” and from authorities, to turning a blind eye to legislation with the purpose of limiting our freedoms and liberties? Believe me or not, it is centuries old and only a small faction is involved. At least at the higher-ups. Of course they use their scared to keep their job lower level minions to carry out the great plan, but it is all orchestrated by a small Oligarchy.

What is an oligarchy? An oligarchy is a small group of people having control of a country, organization, or institution. This couldn’t be more obvious when we look around at the political spectrum and see the choices we have for our “leaders” and the blatant and blinding corruption that they freely walk away from. Often times when they are caught in crimes or corruption they come out looking like the victim instead of the offender. How is this possible? Because they are protected by the oligarchy and the oligarchy owns the media that sets the narrative for us to continue to be spoon fed. It is a spider’s web that is tangled up and takes time to unravel. Much like a ball of yawn that was tossed around and is now all meshed together. You know there is an end to the ball of yarn, however, it is easier to toss it back in the drawer and get a new ball. This is what we have done for decades. Just placing our liberties back in the drawer and replacing them with laws said to keep us safe. In actuality, the laws are there to perpetuate the global agenda and offer a safe haven to the criminals that go forth for the oligarchy.

The oligarchy has become so efficient at their deception that they have been able to convince smart educated people, researchers, and others that there is no global plan all the while using terms themselves like New World Order and globalism. The sovereignty of the Republic is in their cross hairs with the masses still in denial of the plan.

The faces of the oligarchy is hidden, but if you scratch the surface it isn’t hard to see them. The elitist write books, give speeches, and love to tell what they are planning just many can’t believe that something so diabolical could take place in America. From the Rothschilds to the Rockefellers to many other families you can see the writing on the wall. The Rothschild family has printed nation’s currency going all the way back to the late 1700’s and controlling governments through debt since its birth. They fund both sides of every war and then get control of the government through the debt those countries occur during the agenda driven wars. Burying their competitive nature for the sake of globalism, the Rothschilds teamed up with the Rockefeller family to create a governing machine that still turns the wheels to this day. The one world governing body that will be the ruler of all rulers and where the one world laws will come from is the United Nations that sits in downtown New York. Guess who has a big role in the U.N. and even donated the land that it is sitting on? If you said the Rockefellers then you know more than the average Joe.




“It’s a big club, and you ain’t in it. – George Carlin

How the globalist elite are able to plot and scheme is through think tanks and secret societies where they are groomed and privy to the agenda at a very young age such as Skull and Bones located on the campus of Yale all the way through the ranks to clubs like the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and the Trilateral Commission. It is in these global think tanks where the agenda is devised and controlled and the players come together to put the plan forth. It is given to the selected few in academia, industrial, manufacturing, military leaders, bankers, financiers, economist and media members among other fields in a once a year secret meeting that has been dubbed the Bilderberg meeting. From that meeting each member plays their part and the plan is rolled out in a narrative that the American people can’t get enough of.

Starting to see the ball of yarn I spoke about earlier? It is shrouded in mystery, yet, open as a book. The goal of collectivizing us has taken shape rapidly over the past few decades as they have managed to infiltrate the media seamlessly and without notice. Up until recently the goal has worked flawlessly, but many are starting to see the mainstream media for what they are – guided puppets and mouthpieces. Operation Mockingbird is still in effect, however, it is on its last wing and that wing is crippled.

The real thought process of the Elite

The real thought process of the Elite

The oligarchy wants total control and is on the verge of obtaining that very thing. As I mentioned earlier with the growing police state they are controlling us, but it is markets they want to control as well. Our buying habits, internet habits, what we eat, what we choose to do with our bodies, all the way down to our free will. A true collective body instead of individual sovereignty and liberties. Our pursuit of happiness replaced with a global ideology for the benefit of a small few. The ruling class with a controlled and fearful serf level is the ultimate goal.

This election between the globalist chosen one, Hillary Clinton, and the self proclaimed outsider, Donald Trump, is starting to bring attention to the fact that there is a real ruling class that seems to escape accountability and for the most part prosecution from very obvious criminal behavior. Hillary seems to be under investigation or scrutiny everyday with no charges ever filed. Even when the FBI says she clearly violated law. Donald Trump has seemed to been able to capitalize on her short comings and rallied a base behind him that is hell bent on stopping Hillary from getting to the highest seat in the Land. One she has been groomed for and wanted for some time now. The elites darling’s coronation is not going as welcoming as predicted with Trump closing in on her in nationwide polls.

At the heart of many speeches from the candidates and protest from the American people is the nomination of the next Supreme Court appointee that the future president will have to make. The death of Antonin Scalia left us with a very important seat to fill. This is not rhetoric, but the very existence and validity of the Constitution could rest in who fills that ninth seat on the Supreme Court bench. Hillary Clinton has made it publicly known her hatred for the NRA and her stance on gun ownership as she continues to blame the gun manufactures for the actions of criminals. She has gone as far as saying that the firearm manufactures should be sued in the event of a mass shooting or gun violence. That makes about as much sense as suing Microsoft because of her choice to compromise National Security with a private email server in her house. Of course we know this is an underhand approach to driving out gun manufactures and in return making legal gun ownership harder to achieve.

The oligarchy is doing everything they can and pulling out every trick in their bag to remain in power and control the elections using their mouth pieces, the media, to cover-up any matter that would expose the corruption that we have seen thus far. From the dealing at the DNC to Hillary’s real health issues they have become master manipulators and have the job of thought police down to a science. thankfully we are wakening from the slumber and seeing through much of the lies and deception. Will it be enough? Will it be in time to stop the oligarchy from obtaining total unfettered control? I hope so as we can not become the United States of Oligarchy.

Written by: Michael Howell

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