In the beginning of the 2008 Presidential election it was all but certain that another Clinton would walk into the White House and assume the mantle behind the desk in the Oval Office. It was deemed as “her time” and the public was regurgitating this at rallies, phone banks, speech after speech to any ear that would listen. Fast forward to present time and the chants still remain the same as 2008. The left isn’t promoting their candidates accomplishments, as there really are non that qualify her to be president, but the familiar “it is her time mantra of old. Once again, mainstream media on both sides can’t seem to get enough of the illusionist’s show as the audience has all but walked out of the auditorium altogether.

Hillary Clinton continues to dodge one scandal after another as she came out of hiding to give her first press conference in 275 days. I hardly think a 25 minute Q and A session on a plane qualifies as a press conference from a presidential candidate that has avoided them like the plaque, however, i will give her the benefit of the doubt on this one. Though it did not go as she would have liked it  to go. Trump’s campaign would agree in the fact that this wasn’t a press conference as they offered a press release titled: “Hiding Hillary: Day 276.”

While talking about Trump supposedly being in line with Russian President Putin, Hillary started, what has become the norm for her, coughing and asking aids around her for water. I have given many speeches in my time and can relate to dry mouth, scratchy throat and all the irritations that come with public speaking, but the number of times coupled with the odd behavior of those around her and what has appeared to be mini seizures from her on camera is starting to raise serious red flags as to her being fit for the highest office in the land.

Blaming this latest coughing episode on allergies to pollen the excuses regarding her health seem to be as vast in number as her excuses for her scandals. If this was an isolated event then it would be safe to assume she would be telling the truth, but this is just one in a long pattern of coughing episodes and strange behavior from her leaving many professionals in health and medicine to speculate she is experiencing signs of Parkinson’s disease.

Even her closest adviser Huma Abedin has admitted on State Department emails that Hillary is sick and “often confused.” Matt Drudge has weighed in noting Hillary Clinton’s possible use of a “walker” during magazine photo shoots. Hillary has even been photographed needing assistance from Secret Service or aides in walking up a normal set of stairs.

Hillary battles the stairs with help from those around her

Hillary battles the stairs with help from those around her

Who could forget recently when she was giving a speech at a rally and the now mysterious man approached her and comforted her while telling her to “keep talking” as she seemed for a moment to just stare into space? Who ever this mysterious person is he is given exclusive access to Hillary and his behavior is not that of a Secret Service agent. At the same speech in which he comforted her, he can be seen calling off Secret Service agents that rushed the stage in her moment of freezing up.

This same individual has been photographed following Hillary with what looks to be a syringe or auto injector used to treat seizures called Diazepam. Given what appeared to be and described by many health professionals as a seizure a few months ago on camera this is sparking much conversations as the symptoms and her hiding from the public eye grows.


Who is this man and is he with Hillary for healthcare reasons?

It is worth noting that since this photo and others that picture this man along side Hillary surfaced he was missing from the campaign trail for awhile, but has recently resurfaced and was seen on her plane. Just what role is he playing and should the public have concerns about Hillary’s health as she continues her quest to be the next Commander-In-Chief?

Hillary has been able to escape responsibility from her actions, or lack of, for the attacks at the Embassy in Benghazi and looks as though she will come out squeaky clean over her personal email scandal. The FBI Director and the entire agency thus far seems to be scared of her and that might not be by accident as anyone that opposes the Clinton machine seems to all of a sudden commit suicide or end up in jail somehow.

The mainstream media is not doing an honest job of reporting her health concerns as they are in the pockets of the Clinton’s as well. I can’t find one Clinton supporter, yet, she leads in all the polls. The overflow crowd at a Trump rally is more than Hillary can draw in her main audience, yet, once again, she leads. This is turning out to be a selection and not an election as her coronation gets closer by the day.

Written by: Michael Howell

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