September the 11th has a new memory as Hillary Clinton was seen leaving the 9/11 memorial being held up by her handlers as her knees buckled and her feet seem to leave from beneath her. As the black SUV pulled up curbside to pick her up she is aided by a woman on her left in what appears to be holding her up, at the very least holding her steady. Then we see the door to the van open and that is when Hillary begins to lose her footing and becomes very wobbly. Immediately members of her posse start to help her while others look to what appears to be shielding her from photos, however, it was to late as photos and video instantly start to make the rounds. We can see from the video below she even loses a shoe and appears to collapse in the van.

Hillary Clinton then made her way to Chelsea’s apartment as the spin doctors went to work trying to defuse the Presidential candidate’s condition. After about 30 minutes in the apartment she was seen making her way out surrounded by her handlers from a distance as though to say, “See, I am alright.” She was waving to the crowd and even took a few seconds to call over a young girl and play politics as usual. The initial reports were that she got overheated, but quickly changed to her having pneumonia. When it comes to truth and the Clintons the two can never be found in the same place. As the alternative media has been reporting for months now something is clearly wrong with her health, but the bought and paid for mainstream media continues to cover for her and dive deeper in their spin mode as you will see in the video below.

Just how much longer can the mainstream media keep covering up the obvious and in the process continue to lose what little credibility they have left? It looks like as long as she remains in the race the narrative may change from time to time but the agenda remains the same. This is where we, collectively can make the difference we need to see.

It is no secret that the globalist and International Bankers have had Hillary Clinton in their sights to continue the goal of globalism and a one world government. Up until now there seemed to be little to no real way of stopping the avalanche of corruption that has been forming for the eventual divide and conquer of the masses. We need to seize this moment and capitalize on it in the name of restoring the Republic. She is unfit to serve as Commander-in-Chief and the world now sees it.

Hillary’s health concerns could do what the FBI was unable to do and the many investigations in her life of professional corruption before and that is bring down on of the most powerful and influential people in politics today. Mired in deception and lies, escaping like Houdini in a straight jacket, she seemed to be like the real Teflon Don that was prematurely given to mobster John Gotti. Slick as a water slide and sly like a fox Madame corrupt herself has been able to use her political connections to dodge even the most sharpest of factual sharpshooters. Whenever the truth arrow was shot in her direction she called on her conniving elitist friends and it was all swept under the rug. This, however, will be harder to do for the globalist machine.

The tactics of the elites agenda was on display in the way they were able to manipulate the DNC and turn Bernie Sanders into someone who acts like he is in hiding now. Through leaked emails that led to the resignation of DNC Chairman Debbie Wassermann Schultz, the goal all along was to get Hillary into the White House and orchestrate the world government from the Oval Office much like the puppets before her. Now with a stumbling block that will be hard to avoid the game looks to be leveling back to the side of the American people.

There is talk now that the DNC is secretly talking about a replacement to Hillary since this last episode that until now they were able to shake off and control the spin. Now, this coupled with her actions during the DNC convention and the many coughing attacks that have become regular with her it is looking like the party may be in trouble with Trump’s numbers even are in some polls now a couple percentage points ahead. This spells trouble for the agenda and we can put an end to it all together.


Just a few of the many “coughing attacks” that Hillary Clinton seems to be having

Her actions during this campaign has been odd before this with her going over 270 days without giving a press conference. That has to be unheard of for someone seeking the highest office in the Land. Odd indeed, and Donald Trump along with many other people are asking why. There has been reports of her having everything from simple allergies to severe Parkinson’s disease. While I can not say for sure what is wrong with her the collective evidence that something plagues is overwhelming and clearly she is hiding something.

The elites chosen one is all but down and the elites themselves could be on the ropes. Like the great boxer Mohammed Ali, we can not let them do the rope-a-dope strategy on us. It is time to attack the opponent with calculated strike and precision accuracy. She is unfit on many levels and getting close to impossible for them to maintain the strong, responsible facade she has pretended to have for decades. This is not a war against Hillary, but a war to stop globalism and the coming one world government. With Hillary Clinton in the White House the United Nations gains more power, the Supreme Court’s influence shifts towards more liberty taken legislation, and we continue in the abyss of perpetual and global wars. They are on the ropes and now is not the time to jab. It is time to swing away and with accuracy, tenacity, and with a method to restore the Republic.

Written by: Michael Howell

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