Problem-Reaction-Solution. That is what is taking place in our political system today. Also known as the Hegelian Dialectic and no one has mastered this strategy quite like the globalist elite. They run the agenda from top to bottom and everything is planned, calculated, and masterfully executed to keep the masses at bay and with the false sense of security through a more controlled society with limiting rights and liberties. We truly are just chess pieces on a board to the International Bankers running things. Divide and conquer is the strategy with Agenda 21 being the endgame. A controlling class with a lower class of serfs to “tend to the chores” and keep the machine fed.

What we are seeing today with the funding from rich white billionaire George Soros is the planned chaos through controlled opposition with Baltimore, Ferguson, and other places where division from racial tensions were presented. Create the problem and control the opposition to it and the narrative practically writes itself. This is the (planned) chaos that the false peace will rise from and appear to restore “law and order” to the Land. This is where the world controls flip to the hands of the globalist on a full-time basis. The commotion is just starting with chaos waiting to reign its karma yielding sword. Farther the division for the coming eventual conquer.

Things I would focus on at this moment is preparing in the best way possible for what is to come. The dollar collapse will ripple its way through the isles of the grocery stores to the cash registers of our basic needs. Barter skills will be in high demand with words and common items being the currency system. From extra ammo to store-able foods to extra sets of clothing will be good to have in number for both, trade and needs.

If you are lucky to live in an area that you have the means to grow your own food I recommend starting the process now! Better late than never and we are definitely late in the game, but not to late to start planting our future rewards. Designate a patch of your yard to growing sustainable and replenish-able foods that will be easy and efficient to can and store.

It is hard to discuss the investor side of the coming collapse as I have heard probably all the theories out there, but make no mistake the markets are going to crash and crash hard. Pay attention and listen to economical news. When, or if the banks let out any type of warning then be prepared to withdrawal your funds at a moments notice. Look into other investments such as sound money like gold and silver. Silver has seemed to be a good quick low risk investment that has a good return, but I must admit being poor myself this is a hard “prep” for me. The ammo and patch of grass is the easy part compared to the chaos and confusion of the superpower’s dollar crashing.

Martial law seems all but imminent with quite possibly, or should I say probable, of door-to-door gun confiscation if Hillary Clinton is elected. Also, assuming she hasn’t already been “selected” and we are just the fuel that is needed to set ablaze the coming chaos that will be used as the catalyst to spring forth the already prepared “state of emergency” needed to help eliminate resistance and dissenters. The scary part is the solution, the “golden plan” that will be the saving grace from the government will be at our peril not our standing on liberty and freedoms. It will all be legal just like Late 30’s Nazi Germany. The Hegelian Dialectic, or prepared solution to the manufactured chaos will be the strong-arm of the global community and world leaders and countries.

From bureaucracies like the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) taking and legally stealing land for corporate profit to laws like the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) having the capacity to arrest you without charge or trial and detain you indefinitely to the Patriot Act that was signed after the tragedies of 9/11 the noose is tightening and many don’t even see the gallows ahead. Agenda 21 is being implemented and it will be like Jade Helm went active when we reach those coming manufactured levels. The laws that are in place are designed to, for now, generate revenue and later be used as having “something on us” if you happen to speak out or be a dissenter of the one world government.

I wish I could write these off as conspiracies or to some logical thinking but when logic is applied the only real answer is, ironically, conspiracies. Notice I didn’t say theories, only conspiracies. Conspiracy is when two are more conspire to commit an act…ect. When talking about the New World Order and their agendas there is no reason to use theories as they brag about their goals like a proud world athlete showing off their trophy case. Each foot on the back of our necks or more money stolen from our wages through criminal unconstitutional means like the Federal Reserve is just one more trophy to their adding collection.

Cloward and Piven’s strategy has worked to plans in placing burdens on the economical infrastructure of this nation. High unemployment and manufacturing jobs leaving at record numbers have led to a feeling of hopelessness for some and cities like Detroit is a constant reminder of what is to come. Our foreign aid policy has become either a joke in itself or a pay to play scheme and neither should be tolerated and dealt with accordingly. It is not politics as usual, but rather it has become an Us vs. Them battlefront.

What Cloward and Piven (named after Columbia University sociologists Richard Andrew Cloward and Francis Fox Pivens) set out to do was bring down America from within through collapsing the economy by putting such a strain on the economy that it can’t be sustainable. To a large degree the strategy, mixed with bad foreign aid policy, out of control spending from Congress, and wars that are meant to be sustainable and not won, we are seeing the downfall of the Empire.

Switches to waiting FEMA camps will be flipped and just like that the endgame will begin it’s act. United Nations vehicles have been reported for several years now all over America with recent sighting being in Texas. They will be called on to assist in quailing the chaos and helping bring the planned and desired manufactured “order” that our military is stretched to thin to do themselves. That is the dangers of having over 700 military bases in over 130 countries is that it leaves us vulnerable and weakened, not safer and securer.

Very important issues will be placed in the next Presidents lap from day one. The dreaded TPP and Supreme Court nominee are on everyone’s mind and will be telling signs on how the next person behind the desk in the Oval Office plays in the globalist game. With Hillary we get a proven habitual liar, career criminal, shrouded in scandal after scandal and with Trump we get many promises but nothing other than a business background to lean on. Yes he has been successful, but so has George Soros. Not comparing Donald Trump to George Soros by any means just stating I wish we had more to go on with Trump. I do know the same people that are behind the manufacturing of these “crisis” we seem to be having more often hate Donald Trump and are openly endorsing Hillary Clinton. Even the Bushs’ are “with her” this time around.

One head-to-head debate in the books between the two and I must say it did not live up to the billing. Advertised as a big title fight it was more of an under card fight that started decently, but fizzled shortly into it. There were some key points made in between the times Lester Holt, the moderator, wasn’t interrupting Donald Trump. Hillary Clinton not being new to debate stages and world politics seemed to look in fair health wise and more polished on her answers. That may not be by coincidence as it now looks for many reports that she may have had hand signals or other means to bail her out of situations or give her more time in others.

It is hard to even watch the news nowadays as the lame stream media lap dogs are talking heads for corporations, forced thinking, and only good at reading a teleprompter and spewing the narrative. They get their marching orders from the same masters that are generating the chaos and using the voice of the television to dictate the agenda to the masses and promising us a choice in all of it. The real journalist have all been replaced with “host” and it became about mind control instead of news telling. What we see on 24-hour news television is equivalent to the WWE Wrestling a few channels away on the cable box.

With things heating up between us and Russia over how the war on ISIS is waged and the Civil War happening in Syria it is likely that the fight is about to spill globally. We used to manufacture weapons for wars, but now we manufacture wars for weapon sales and that is exactly who will be the big winners in all of it. The Military Industrial Complex will profit as a fight over resources and land escalate things to boiling levels. No need to worry because the Rothschilds will swoop in immediately and a Central Bank will be established. All with no exit plan or even thinking honestly about having one.

Yes indeed we live in chaotic times with only more chaos to come down the road, in waves. It is the beating that we need to weather for we may be in a long battle. Remember, when you get beat to your knees you are in the perfect position to pray.

Written by: Michael Howell

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