The United States of America is undoubtedly the world’s superpower and in many regards is being used and played to be the world’s agitator and instigator for conflicts of the given agendas and resistance against the globalist plan. It has gotten to the point of confusion, and if it wasn’t real and the cost so high, it would be comical to say the least. We are fighting a war on drugs pitting our police against civilians while our soldiers are protecting poppy fields in Afghanistan for corporate profit through government protection. We are fighting a war on terrorism while we negotiate with terrorist with a pallet of American 100 dollar bills, arm the terrorist, train the terrorist, and fund both sides of the wars that we send our very own men and women to die for all in the name of profit and gains of the Military Industrial Complex along with Wall Street and other corporations.

Who writes these scripts? How could they even get this far into the narrative with such bad writers, and even worse actors? Have we become so complacent that we couldn’t see this coming ahead of time? A centuries years old plan creeps into our modern times and we are checking Twitter for what the Kardashians are saying, or if we are paying any attention it is the lame stream media that is in cahoots with the elitist helping spew the controlled narrative to an unaware audience. Like a baby wearing a bib at the table, the masses lap up the message and talks around the water coolers begin. Just like that the intended narratives are spread around faster than the wind can carry it.

In reality truth is stranger than fiction as the lines blur between our foreign policy and domestic policy. We are treating our own citizens much like our military approaches situations in war-torn places using the same tactics and equipment. Obama has made it known many times he wanted the police to be federalized taking them for community standards and oversight to federal control, and worse, oversight. As more attention to concerns of police brutality grows so does the “outside money” of globalist like George Soros as it enters in and fuels much of the manufactured divide that comes before the waiting conquer.

We are fighting wars in circles meant to be sustainable, not won, while we are fighting a drug war for profit and not as a health concern. Whistleblowers are prosecuted and the crimes they expose go under reported, under investigation, and grossly under prosecuted. Julian Assange and Ed Snowden can attest to the fact that pointing out the crimes is more dangerous than committing the crimes themselves. Even if those crimes weaken our National Security or break the oath to the very Constitution that they swore to protect and uphold.

As a society, military unit, economy, and just our every day lives we are stretched so thin and our resources are becoming more and more limited that maintaining the fight and awareness becomes harder to do.This is by design and up to us to break. Inundated by remedial task throughout the day to the wearing down mentally it is hard to focus and keep fighting ahead. There are ways to help in your everyday activities that require no little to no change in your day.

You’ve heard the saying “vote with your dollar” and this is never truer than today. Shop local and farmers markets when you can and always use cash or barter when available. Getting away from the credit card mentality can keep needless, hard to pay back interest rates. Also plays a large role in one of the surest ways we can “defund the corporations” of the money they use to lobby our liberties away. Much like the corporation Target went into retreat mode when shoppers stopped spending their money there, we can have this effect on all corporations and in the process grow the free market, middle class, and take back some buying power while cutting off the knees of the greed machine.

Manufactured fear and chaos is the new daily norm in America and the news anchor doused in make up backstage can’t wait to go live and report the latest “breaking news.” Statistics and facts based on reason, logic, and common sense have all been replaced by the globalist agenda spearheaded by the corporate branch of the government with the might of the Military Industrial Complex.

This is where we are stretched the thinnest and left the most vulnerable. With an Empire that has over 700 military bases in over 130 countries it is no surprise that the Republic’s borders have become a free for all like the latest Black Friday shopping frenzy or that U.N. soldiers have been seen assisting American soldiers in training of domestic issues.

As legislation and regulations grow so does global conflicts and interventions. The cost of this is ten fold on many fronts. One is the fact that it has our soldiers tied up defending their lives in foreign lands unable to answer the call back home should the Republic be harmed by an inside threat. In fact, having so many bases globally makes us less safe as our foreign policy suffers, sanctions are placed, free trade is lost, and a new generation like clock work, has grown up in a life of all they know is American intervention and, thus, the blowback continues. Not a very secret game plan and obvious to anyone paying attention, but it is a play that dates back before the old flea flicker itself. Works every time when it comes to American politics.

The economy is underwater, and though it holds its breath, the reality is that the eventual “last breath” countdown has begun. Inflation, fiat money, uncontrolled printing and borrowing all coupled with gross Congress’ spending habits and love for foreign intervention has stretched our collapsing dollar to its elastic limit and it is ready to snap at any moment or crisis. The spending dollar has been felt in every home and the collapse has yet to happen. going back to shopping locally and small, that is a way we can help our fellow citizens during the coming stressing times.

Truth is there are so many ways we are stretched thin or distracted from the reality that is around us. Where do we get accurate information? Who do we really trust in media? We are distracted everyday with the latest shiny object meant to keep us looking left while they continue their destruction on the right.

Many believe it is a matter of time before Martial Law is declared in America and that will present problems on many levels. This is troubling as freedoms will be thrown out of the window and a “helping hand” in going against Americans on our own soil will be soldiers from the United Nations.

Right now the one thing that appears to be wearing the thinnest is the American people’s patience as the silliness in D.C. continues. Corruption now blatantly out in the open, unchecked and under prosecuted, election officials can rig elections with no consequences, and someone seeking the highest office in the Land can not know what the letter C means on an email and still be the front-runner in a very odd election cycle.

Don’t buy in the Cloward and Piven’s strategy of divide and conquer, but instead unite in our differences to not only resolve them between ourselves peacefully, but the only way we will beat the globalist is united. They count on our division. Let them count us by the number of resistance instead.

Written by: Michael Howell

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