The 2016 selection of the globalist is getting harder and harder to nail down. Rewind to the 2008 campaign and the globalist looked at Hillary Clinton as Plan B to their chosen spokesman, Barrack Obama. However, this time around with all their eggs in the “I’m With Her” basket the elitist are having to do more maneuvering on the chess board to pull it off. So far their strategy has come up short as more and more people see Hillary for what she truly is, a criminal.

Our foreign policy is a quagmire of mistakes and agendas that has led to broken promises and lies that has made us less safe and secure. All while handing our liberties over without a fight. The one world government that oversees programs like the NSA and policies like the Patriot Act or even the NDAA are the shadow men that are orchestrating one of the most bizarre Presidential campaigns of all time. The reality of the matter is this is a war between Us Vs. Them. Sovereignty Vs. Ideology.

This was supposed to be a walk in the park or just going through the motions for the elitist this time with Hillary Clinton waiting when the dust settled to accept her coronation and parade into the White House. What they weren’t counting on was the anger that the last 8 years, 25 years or so to be honest, caused in the eyes of the American people. Broken foreign policy, email scandal, attacked embassy that left 4 Americans dead and being covered up with lies and deceit, along with a failed economy and the largest distrust in Congress, has left a bad taste in our mouths and awoken a sleeping giant.

Last night’s first and only Vice Presidential debate is an example of just how narcissistic and blatantly arrogant the agenda has become. Team Hillary, with Kaine’s turn to walk the catwalk and 15 minutes into it he looked “wheels off” with a sharp curve just ahead. When asked a question Pence allowed Kaine to answer, however when reverse Kaine looked like a triggered liberal student scrambling for their safe place. With a “my way or I will talk louder and interrupt more” approach the democratic agenda was typical attack and distract rather than debate on issues and substance. Pence and the Trump camp coming out the real winners in the Vice Presidential debate contest.

What that means for the Clinton camp in general is not good in itself. Hit with scandal after scandal, health questions and concerns, and poll after poll showing just how much the general population doesn’t trust her, they could have used a good performance in the debate to deflect some attention away from all the controversy, however, what we got was typical left driven agenda driven attacks. Not the help Hillary was hoping for.

With a little over a month left in the election process with two more Presidential debates set to air, I think people know where they stand by now in who they are supporting and that is bad news for the globalist. I don’t think the first Presidential debate nor the only Vice Presidential debate we are going to have changed many minds or really swayed a calculable number of people’s mind, but it is getting people vocal and talking about real issues. That is a win for us all.

With Hillary in office that agenda and plans go off without a hitch, but with the growing movement of the Trump camp, the globalist are having a harder time operating in the shadows like they have enjoyed doing in the past. Strong against the TPP, Trump has been able to bring much attention to the draconian legislation that would have gone unnoticed and challenged with another candidate in his place. Also a stronger showing in the Libertarian Party Candidate Gary Johnson and Independent challenger Jill Stein has shown a great divide in the controlled two-party system that the elitist have been able to manipulate and move the strings of the newest puppet.

Throwing everything they can think of at Donald Trump including the kitchen sink, he needs to have a better showing at the next two debates and go after Hillary with policies and solutions. Never being here coupled with a seasoned master manipulating debater, Hillary knows how to play close games and knows many political power plays. After all, even the FBI will admit she committed crime(s) and still wouldn’t charge her. Not to mention we all are aware of the voter fraud of the DNC that got her this far against former challenger Bernie Sanders, yet, here she is still. She has even made the claim that she didn’t know that the C meant classified on documents and she is still not only in the race, but has a slight lead in many polls.

There is clear indication that Donald Trump will win the popular vote leaving George Soros and the super elite group to come in and rig the election at the electoral college level somehow justifying the clear numbers of Trump voters on election day. Trump has alluded many times over concerns of voter fraud and a proven track record with the democratic party and fraud. I look for the DNC to continue its tactics that was used in the primary and carry them over in the general election. With the Clintons it is always about corruption and deception and the elite have been pacing frantically trying to keep Hillary on track and the masses on the globalist agenda.

Written by: Michael Howell

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