In America today the majority of the public at large has confidence in polling and that the polls really do show the feelings of the U.S. on a subject or about people at a particular time. It is true that is the TRUE purpose of a poll, however, not what it has become.

The Clinton’s have taken polling and skewed it so much that we who think know the polls cannot be trusted. I guess they could be a useful tool in politics, but the Clinton’s, when they discovered the flaws in the polls years ago, learned how to use them (with the help of the corrupt media) to their advantage.

One major flaw is this:  As a caller calls around, certain things emerge.  A caller calls a specific region and these individuals have a particular attitude, then another region of the country has the opposite opinion or attitude on the exact same issue.  When doing a poll nationwide one immediately sees one (1) method of controlling the outcome of the end result they want to reach.

A “weighed” poll is a poll that is skewed either way.  So the caller attempts to do this:  They call into an area that they know is predominately going to vote one way verses another, a correct poll would correct that mathematically to account for how “weighted that poll is one way or the other. It would be like handicapping horses in a horse race.

If one calls into a region and ask people if they will vote up or down and the area they are calling into they know is made up traditionally who have voted up and down and the caller is trying to get a picture of the entire country, the caller has to account for the differential in the number of people in that area that vote traditionally up INSTEAD of down.  One would need to extrapolate the numbers and supposedly it gives one for a FAIR representation, nationwide, of how many people in the nation, at that moment in time, would vote up or down.

I know that sounds like DOUBLE TALK.  The polling person is loaded with different formulas, and based on many different theories; also almost everything in a poll would depend on being HONEST.

Honestly doing a poll is an oxymoron, or sounds like one.  Keeping in mind that a poll can be weighed as I said before by knowing/studying the region of the country one is polling. Here is another example:  In polling an issue:  One can poll more “Republican” than “Democrats” …these two wings of the corrupt bird always vote opposite from the other.  So , if a person is calling on a national poll they find out that 80 percent of the people called were in fact Democrats and the caller knows that the country is basically 50/50 the caller would have to know the poll has to be incorrect.

So when polling one would be admonished to take the region in to account and the preferences of party, race, if that has an effect on what you’re asking…all that has to be accounted for then looked at and analyze the data gathered and then determine the end results.  Now think about it, when one sits down and considers data based on 800-1,200 individuals who responded, the likelihood that the polls is “good” and correct even considering the + or – margin of error, well it’s slim to say the least.

Most people, who have ever been in the marketing business of political candidates even if it is simply marketing of products, know that a poll is not exact at all. There’s no way to get an exact answer.

In my opinion, you have to do this if you want an accurate poll as to whether one is ahead or behind in an election of any kind:  One would have to do a series of polls, take into account as many different variables as you are able. A poll in the South, and a poll in the North where these people have a geographic reason to have a specific preference one way or the other.  Then after you have done this all over the country take the sum total of our polls and then you have a CHANCE of knowing whether one is ahead or behind AT THAT PARTICULAR MOMENT in time. Once one has found all that information one would have spent massive amounts of money, and a lot of mental power, then a news story breaks about the person being polled or about the persons opponent or about and issue.

Neither party had any way to know to take hat issue into account when polling so you simply have to scrap everything…time and money and toss it in file 13. Stay with me on this.

Why, you ask, do people even go to the trouble?  Why bother?  Why would the media…daily and minute by minute barrage the public with the results of polls and report to the listeners the POLLS with such precision?  There is an intended purpose but it’s not what one would think.

Polls are now being used as a “marketing” tool to help better one’s candidate and to create an IMAGE of a person which a spin doctor thinks a candidate needs at the time.

It always looks better for a candidate to be looked at as an underdog then at the last moment, bursts through and wins. Taking that into account, if there were spin doctors working, for example for Gore, knowing of course Gore is the person that is the front runner, the only way Al Gore can go would be down. Since Gore was attached to all of Bill Clinton’s sleazy scandals and criminally connected to some of the campaign contributing violation, one would really have to put the spin on him.  What to do?

One could even take an outsider let’s say like Bill Bradley who has been gone from D.C. for years and make him the incumbent and make Al Gore the outsider and the underdog.  Impossible? Not today, not with the polling use today.  You could report one poll from one place showing Bradley gaining on Gore, all the time Gore is not out campaigning, he simply stays in his home or office.

It’s a tactic Larry Nichols called “Rope-A-Dope”. Rope a Dope is like Hillary Clinton is doing now.  She’s not coming out to play.  So Bradley (Trump) is all alone out there running his race. Time to take the poll and it looks like Bradley is ahead.  One can keep making Bradley look ahead of Gore, with polls taken all over.  It’s odd but people take the front-runner as the incumbent.  Keeping Gore the underdog is the issue. Just like Hillary doesn’t make good speeches, neither did Al Gore.  He and Hillary do better making no speeches at all.

To make a long story shorter, everyone loves the underdog. At this point, that’s the tricky part.  A spin doctor/liar they want to make the polls appear to make the underdog the big winner in the polls at the last minute.

This gets the attention of the “I DON’T CARE” sect of the population.  These people are not undecided, they simply do not care about politics, they want one thing, and they want to be a winner.  These people like ball games of all kinds; they watch the ball and poll, not politics.  They do however, vote.  They want to vote for whoever appears to be the winner in the polls

These, I DON’T cares do like to win.

The polls today are fake polls.  ARE THERE ANY GOOD ones..? Yes, but very few.  Rasmussen may be a reasonably honest poll.  The polls are mainly there to entertain you or impress you.  The polls are after the 20 percent who are the I DON’T CARES.

As a rule of thumb, the polls are usually 40-40-20.

Just remember, the media of today connected to the polls is a serious weapon in the WAR they are waging AGAINST THE CONSTITUTION.

Written by: D. Brown

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