We will soon enter into the year 2020. That’s the year when people can say the 1990’s were 30 years ago. I could stop right there and your mind would feel depressed., however, I want to ask a question. Do we have any heroes at this point in history? As we look back at the 1990’s and the Clinton administration’s past, what can we learn about our future? When I see the Clinton’s I see not what they did FOR our country but what they did to damage our country and the psychiatric health and morale of our citizens.

The people who actually care about this election and have listened to the debates, have actually heard Hillary Clinton say,  “America is great because America is good.”  She takes this from a Frenchman who came to America during the 19th century.  His name was Alexis de Tocqueville.  He wanted to know what actually make America great. To make a somewhat long story short, Tocqueville traveled all over America the beautiful and he finally began to visit the traditional churches of that day who preached the gospel of the Holy Bible without compromise .The Good News of Jesus the Christ. Tocqueville, being moved in his spirit with what he discovered in the real churches and the regiment of preachers of that time wrote his final thesis which was:  America is Great because America is Good. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Yes this is Hillary Clinton’s line she is using against Trumps slogan, “We will make America great again”.  Let’s examine her thinking for a moment. The churches of today which are really 501c3 , corporation charities and the “pastors” are really CEO’s of a board of directors, thus, we do not hear the life changing sermons of yesteryear. That’s a fact.

If Hillary Clinton believes it is acceptable to murder and even slaughter a baby in the womb and still be pleasing to our Holy God then that alone proves she is a reprobate and doesn’t know right from wrong. Also, I would advise Hillary to read Romans chapter 1 if she wants to know what the living God teaches about same sex marriage. This is the woman who wants to lead our formerly great nation.  I submit to the Clinton’s .America has ceased to be great because America has ceased to be good.

If this country can be fixed, who can fix it? I’m not positive who can fix it. History past teaches us if not for a small band of incredible American’s (like Pastor Jonas Clark and his males congregants) the situation would be far worse than it is now. Who are the people on the front line today? Could it be the Conservative Internet hosts of talk and news writers?  These are the only people who are talking and even writing against the demonic forces which are moving against the goodness/ the greatness of America.

In the 1990’s and before, in Arkansas none of the television or radio media would mention a negative word against the Clinton’s. I just wonder about today with Hillary Clinton and Bill (two for the price of one ), if anyone in any form of media would be speaking negatively, or writing about the problems our country is facing now and no doubt in the future . Could it be our heroes of today are those of the Internet including those fighting with their Facebook?  I think so.

It is obvious and apparent that the mainstream media is working for the globalist agenda as scandal after scandal, corruption after corruption is swept under the rug. Investigative journalism is long gone given way to talking points and mouthpieces. It is our duty to pick up the torch and be the checks and balance that our media once was. The times are screaming for a voice of truth and we are that voice.

The Internet writers and talkers, in my opinion are our heroes of today and to each and every one of you out there who would like to see our beautiful America come back to us and do not fear the powers that be and continue to write and talk about the evil Clinton Cartel, let me say a heartfelt THANK YOU while I still can. You are truly warriors.

Written by: Ms. D. Brown

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