The very idea and concept of the Republic and the Constitution are flapping in the wind like Old Glory on a windy day. Battered, tattered, but not broken. Resilient to opposition, but always pushing forward for the greater good regardless what challenges are thrown our way. This couldn’t be more evident than what we are seeing from the globalist this election cycle. I fear to think of a Hillary Clinton presidency of four years, let alone a possible eight years. Lady liberty is about to walk off her pedestal and Lady Justice is removing her blindfold in disbelief of what has been happening. We are headed down a road that we will not survive as a sovereign nation with our individual liberties still intact. They have been eroding away at the Constitution and Hillary, through the global agenda, will finish it off.

Things are heating up with Russia as Vladimir Putin has made it perfectly clear where he stands in dealing with Isis while Hillary and her cronies continue to arm and fund the up rise in the Middle East. Playing both sides to pander to the voting populace Hillary continues to play Clinton politics – lie at all cost. The war machine is looking to continue its march towards a world community taking all that oppose down with no regard to sovereignty or declaration. The United Nations is licking its lips waiting to fully implement Agenda 21 and break trade relationships with the TPP as the weapon of choice. These are the times we are in and they are exciting times to say the least.

Many people are seeing our political system and process for what it is and that is corrupt and bought. If we were honest with ourselves then our politicians would be dressed like NASCAR drivers covered in sponsorship from head to toe. Our Congressional Hall would be draped with ads showing just who controls them and who is the real policy setters. Lobbyist with the funding of global bankers controlling the agenda while the disingenuous mainstream media spews the narrative. This is the real political process and we are growing frustrated more by the minute.

The American people have shown great patience when it comes to the media and that patience is being stretched thin to the point of its elastic limit. It is ready to snap and break at any moment. The tipping point is soon and the collapse of the mainstream media is imminent. Their undoing will be by their own choice because of their complacency to mislead and participate in the sleight of hand deception that placate the news cycle today.

This election has shown the ugliest side that politics has to offer. Unlike any election before the fight has been dirty with outright lies and allegations being thrown around at will without caution. Donald Trump is fighting a three-way battle. He is going against the Democratic Party, the mainstream media, and the worse part, the Republican Party establishment itself. We haven’t seen an election like this, I venture to say, ever. The weight of what is really happening hasn’t really hit the masses, yet, the elite is feeling its wrath and pulling out all the stops to maintain the agenda with deceit and deceptive tactics.

With about two weeks to go before the general election and all the debates now in the books Donald Trump can look back on this process and see a pile of slain Republican establishments in his wake. He made top ranking politicians like Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, and even Ted Cruz look like targets on a dartboard with the American people being the darts. Not packaged, polished, and rolled out to a podium with talking points in hand many voters in the Republican Party latched on and knew this was not politics as usual, but felt this was the voice of change that was needed in Washington to shake up things and bring back Constitutional values to the Republic. It hasn’t been pretty or easy, however, he has stayed the course and many are campaigning on his behalf to make a statement to the establishment elite that enough is enough and the direction of the country needs to be reversed. After sitting through eight years of the Obama administration we can not afford a Clinton Presidency.

With Clinton, or I like to say Clinton 2.0 (Bill being Clinton 1.0), at the helm the effects stretch way beyond just the term of a presidency. One thing is for sure the next president will set the pace for the country for possibly the next 30 years or longer with decisions like the Supreme Court nominee(s), TPP, and a possible showdown with Syria that would bring Russia into play causing potential global wars reaching farther than the regions they are started in. Donald has shown he is willing to work with Russian President Vladimir Putin while Hillary continues to denounce Putin and even taunt Donald with such claims as “friends with Putin” and other divisive comments meant to push support for a war with Russia. Hillary plans to make Syria her personal playground much in the same way she did in Libya. We do not have to remind each other of the chaos that caused, do we?

We are fed up. We are tired of partisan, agenda driven politics and with Hillary that will not only be the case, but the norm. Her hardcore base remains as we are seeing a growing number of Democrats stand up in support of the Never Hillary movement. Donald Trump is in many way crossing party lines between Independents and undecided voters and I anticipate that number to rise as the general election nears.


A quote from the Movie V For Vendetta that rings true today

To quote the fictitious hero/villian from the block buster movie V for Vendetta, “Ideas are bulletproof.” The more mud they sling at the Trump campaign it seems the stronger the movement and cause gets. The media can not hide the turn out that Trump is drawing at every rally though they manipulate and deceive to do so. The idea of liberty and freedom through Constitutional values is what is driving this campaign and exactly what the people are turning to after a disastrous eight years of foreign and domestic policy. If ideas are bulletproof then this election has been the firing squad. It has withstood the onslaught and barrage of bullets with no sign of letting up. Be aware elite, be mindful, and be cautious as this is shaping up to possibly be the last election we could possibly have to turn things around many are wising up to your agenda.

Written by: Michael Howell

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