Can media kill news stories? Like the Clinton-Lincoln Bedroom scandal or George W. Bush’s SEC scandals? The financial elites have left the people’s wants and needs behind. The power elite have created a sense of helplessness in WE THE PEOPLE. The fact that a large majority of the population of America does not vote is an indication of loss confidence. Remember when President Bill Clinton, with the help of Newt Gingrich-R (speaker of the house of the time), pushed the FCC Deregulation Act of 1996 through the governing bodies and it became law? They hid this right out in the open as the Clinton Crime family does to this very day.

We have more instant access to information, but that fact, oddly doesn’t mean we as a population are more aware of the situation and are better informed.  This is a dangerous situation, actually ironic. The truth is what we see, what we hear and what we read is being controlled by fewer and fewer corporations. This is a Soviet model straight out of the Communist Manifesto. Eventually there will be ONE (1) media voice if this is not stopped.

Why has the response to rising inequality been a drive to reducing taxes on the rich?” “Good question” asked by Paul Krugman.

News is, at this present time, is not reported but managed. Hitler said in his book Mein Kampf , “…the people’s power of forgetting is enormous”.

Today on the front page news we see an enormous merger of AT&T and Time Warner and all that we have have talked about and we have posted on social media and we have written about needing a person who is not a politician. A person who can not be bought off with lobbyist monies or bribes. A person who will speak truth to power.

I do believe our efforts have paid off and the Lord has given us a man who meets the above-mentioned .This man is just a carnal man, but this writer believes this is a once in a life time man who fits the need , a man the Lord Jesus can use to accomplish the Almighty’s desire for this formerly good and formerly great country . That man is Donald J. Trump.


The Flag Shown In Its State Of Distress

Today, October 23, 2016. The main headline we are seeing from people who are aware of the situation we are in with the aforementioned “media”. This is the headline: AT&T/Time WARNER MERGE? This is my point with this simple article, ALL media will soon be under ONE Enormous Corporation which is the true Communist model ..

Poncho needs your prayers …it’s true, to quote Willie Nelson. Poncho is America.

Written by: Dee Brown