What will we face in America if Hillary is selected/elected come November 8th? We face the drastic and ultimate transformation of this country like we have never seen and we will not recover from her reign of terror. The words uttered by then candidate Barack Obama when he said, “We are days away from radically transforming America” will seem miniscule in comparison to the “transformation” Hillary and her minions are planning.

She will with executive orders, mandates, work with special interest, and a corrupt Congress, from the highest political office in the Land, increase enormously the Muslim “refugee” illegal immigration ever. She will, as she has promised Goldman-Sachs, dissolve the borders lining up with Obama’s mandates of the past eight years. No doubt she will present amnesty for at least 30 million illegal aliens and soldier age men, mostly of Muslim decent. She will, no doubt, increase the almost 20 trillion dollar national debt to financial collapse in order to pay for legal and illegal “immigrants.” She will continue with free trade deficits, which will create more foreign debt and loss of American jobs to China, India, Mexico and other Nations. She will put in place Global Warming taxes (5% Carbon Tax) and the death-blow she will be the attempt to take away our second amendment right to own a weapon for the God-given, natural right to self-defense.

By the year 2017 Hillary Clinton has said she will expedite more that 111,000 Syrian Muslim refugees into America to continue on with the Obama administration’s edict of “Islamic immigration legacy.” Vetting them for terrorists is impossible as one does not know the heart of a person and the vetting process is a lie. We, the citizens of America will endure more terrorists attacks like 9/11, Boston Marathon, Orlando, San Bernardino, Ft. Hood, Chattanooga, St. Cloud and the multiplied thousands to come.

ABC anchor David Muir said on September 14, 2016 that Obama’s administration successfully had brought into America, this year alone, over 11k illegal Syrian “refugees”. He wants over 111k in 2017 in what he wants to happen…to see Hillary Clinton in the People’s house.

The fact remains that it is impossible to vet the mind of Islamic Muslim. They are trained in the Qua ran to kill the infidel so if they are a Muslim they must do what their book says to do. The book of hate teaches its followers to convert the infidel or kill the infidel or all unbelievers in Allah. That is the aim and ultimate goal of Islam.

As in Germany, the constant influx of illegals which streams there, of which Germany now has over 1 and 1/2 MILLION illegal Syrian radical Muslims is causing Angela Merkel now to change her mind and policy in Germany due to the strain and outcry that the violence has caused there.

Rapes, cultural fights, violence and terror will be the new norm. Illegal Muslim immigrants kill, steal and destroy the country’s they take over. The reason they will not and do not assimilate into any country is the global agenda they are being used for.

Radical Islamic Muslims or Muslims of any ilk are not in America to have freedom to worship they are here to dominate and help bring in Sharia Law. They believe and preach from the Qur’an and believe Sharia Law should be the highest form of law in the world and especially here in America.

The more Muslims that they can bring into America means the acceleration of sociological disintegration of our American laws, culture, language and U.S. Constitution as well as our freedom of speech will disappear all together. “Black Lives Matter” will shortly turn to Muslim Lives Matter. Do Anglo-Saxon Caucasian lives “matter?” From looking at Lebanon and what diversity did there we can see it will lead to a civil war. The catch phrases we hear today to desensitize us are multiculturalism and diversity.

Hillary Clinton is simply an extension of Obama’s illegal immigration edict. The God of the Holy Bible is a God of borders. Hillary Clinton will continue with the destruction of borders if the red pill is swallowed.

According to Dr. Steven Camarota, Center for Immigration Studies, in D.C. illegal aliens flow is an average of 500,000 per year since 2014, 2015 and in 2016. Their babies come with them and they are multiplying at triple the rate of American citizens at large. This will drain the dole system or as we call it in America the welfare system to the tune of billions of dollars each and every year. A play straight from the Cloward and Pivens handbook.

What about water, food and resources? We will shortly have so many unskilled mouths in this country we will be another Third world country. No longer the greatest Nation in the world. ATLAS will no doubt shrug and we will be left to our own devices.

Hillary Clinton will do like all dictators in the past and take the guns by taking away the 2nd Amendment, which she has said she plans on doing. She has told the country’s electorate what she plans to do. Then the government will have us trapped like helpless animals in a snare! The largest cause of death in the world is Democide. This is a term revived and redefined by the political scientist R. J.Rummel (1932–2014) as “the murder of any person or people by their government, including genocide, politicide and mass murder”.

All this and no health care? Oh yes we may be paying to be covered, but as new information is uncovered about Obamacare we see the fears of the last few years coming into focus clearer now. Covered by health care at exorbitant prices and yet have no care. The Affordable Care Act is neither affordable, nor do they seem to care.

With Loretta Lynch at the helm of the Justice Department saying she will prosecute under the RICO ACT anyone speaking against the Clean Air Act the stage for total global population control is set. Hillary will walk inside the White House never to come out again and America will have her first Queen. Won’t that just be special?

All we have is our voice, our voices collectively, and our vote” – Alexander Fraser Tyler

Written by: Mrs. D. Brown