Unity. Peace. A New World Order. These are the things that have been the most sought after prize since the beginnings of human history. When you talk to the common person in the street, this notion most of the time carries a positive reaction when asked should the world be unified?  Most people seem to agree that having a link to everything and everyone is good for humanity.  And why not? After all, wouldn’t it be logical to be against war, poverty, rising crime, and all of the other ills of society? Those in favor of this, unfortunately, only look at the surface of this issue and try to see the silver lining, and that, with rose-colored glasses at that. However, upon a closer examination, we see that there is not the silver lining at all (with or without the rose glasses).

Globalism gets its roots from the very first instance of civilization being brought together — The Tower of Babel. Here, from the Biblical account, we have an entire society coming together for the expressed purpose of being the one world group that will be able to reach God in the heavens above. In more recent times, we have seen this with the failed attempt of the League of Nations following World War One, and ultimately, with its predecessor, the United Nations.   For all of its intended purposes of bringing world peace and prosperity, this goal has largely failed.

Now, where does the spiritual aspect of this come in? The whole concept of Globalism (which has other names such as communism, socialism, progressiveness, etc) is that one person or one group of persons, ultimately control everything. To understand this, one only has to look at governments that are “owned and operated by the people”, (but are actually controlled by government) to see the fallacy of this. As the old saying goes, “absolute power corrupts absolutely”. The spiritual aspect of this is obviously demonic from the standpoint that the Bible describes this type of system in Revelation. Once a central controlling entity is in place, it usually goes downhill from there.   Just look at Ancient Rome. Look at Nazi Germany. Look at Communist China or Russia.  Basic rights are taken away “for the good of the people”; and then evil takes over.

Pop musician, John Lennon once wrote a song entitled “Imagine”, in which he extols the virtues of this type of society.  The sad part is that one day his vision will come true, but not in the way you would think. And we are seeing some of this today.

Is what we are hearing about the New World Order/ Globalism of demonic origin? If we go back to the Tower of Babel – everyone spoke one language. God had to come down and confound the languages and break it up.  In Revelation 13 it describes the One World Government/New World Order along with the description of the Anti-Christ.

Here is a very good video also explaining the New World Order and the Demonic:


It is demonic, because we see people calling for Christians to change their belief in order to accept this new way of thinking which includes abortion. We see that everything is in place. You can look at ecumenical-ism which seeks to bring all faiths under one umbrella. Clearly it is the religious aspect of Globalism.

If people were to take an RFID chip they could be tracked globally. It really is a matter of when and not if it happens. The globalists are fighting so hard in America’s election because it is a pivotal and conclusive election. Our immediate future hinges on this election. Please understand that one Candidate (Donald Trump) is a nationalist who would serve to protect our sovereignty while the other candidate (Hillary Clinton) will push for what the globalists want and that is global governance.

One only has to look at things like the Georgia Guide stones to see the danger globalism brings. These are only one part of many layers in Globalism. We can look at what the Bible tells us how things will be as in the days of Noah in Matthew 24:37-39 . If you read the extra biblical book of Enoch – It goes on to explain how those days were. It is very much an eye opener and I suggest you read it as it was written for I believe our Generation.

Many of your millennials, and others believe in a Utopian dream that will never see fruition and if it does it will be short-lived. People are being set up to be deceived and live in a state of delusion. People are continuously taught not to believe what is obviously in front of their eyes.

People are not only conditioned with the notion of herd mentality of toxic vaccines, but with mob mentality which makes for dangerous and chaotic outcome. One which people who are without Jesus will cry out for the state to save them and of course right out of the globalist playbook will step someone who has the ready-made solution to fix all of your problems.

In conclusion, we need to know who we serve. We cannot serve God and Mammon. We need to acknowledge the Lord in all of our ways as it states in Proverbs 3:6.

There is no time to wait to figure out your stance with Jesus. The Bible says today is the day of Salvation.  Finally, if you were to die today, do you know where you’d spend eternity? If you don’t know and would like to know please click here.

Time is short, I pray for everyone reading this that God meet their greatest need.

Written by: Tara Dawn

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