I have written about how Lady Liberty is shaking her fist at just how corrupt the Republic has become. I have written about Lady Justice’s tears flowing from under her blind fold that fall on her scales and rust her sword. Now as I write this, we are at the most pivotal moment in our young nation’s history. That is the possible destruction of our individual and national sovereignty and the FBI is being complicit in their dereliction of duty in prosecuting Hillary Clinton for her obvious crimes in her ongoing email scandal.

Just why this election is important is ten fold as the next President has the ability to set the course for America for possibly the next 50 years in Supreme Court Justice nominees alone. With a Hillary Clinton election this will have damning effects that will continue the destruction of the Constitution. She has made it perfectly clear how she feels about the NRA and our 2nd amendment right and her flip-flopping, two-faced speaking rhetoric has everyone guessing where she stand on the TPP as her message changes depending on what “group” she is speaking to.

While we make references to Lady Justice being the symbol of fair and equal justice in the Land, it is up to us as individuals to be the symbol’s voice. This is where the FBI has made the most critical error of all — twice now!

Just days after collecting over 650 thousand new emails that was brought to their attention through the investigation of dis-famed politician Anthony Weiner, the FBI has already cleared Hillary Clinton, again. What many thought would be the nail that drove the coffin shut on her presidential run has once again turned into a gross showing of the FBI’s negligence and fear of prosecuting the elite for even the most blunt of crimes.

It was a letter from FBI Director James Comey only eleven days away from the election that started another probe into the email scandal and it was another letter from him that cleared Hillary once again.

On Sunday afternoon, FBI Director James Comey sent a letter to Congress stating the e-mails recovered on Anthony Weiner’s laptop “have not changed our conclusion that we expressed in July with respect to Secretary Clinton.”

“Based on our review, we have not changed our conclusion that we expressed in July with respect to Secretary Clinton,” Mr. Comey wrote in a letter to the leaders of several congressional committees. He said agents had reviewed all communications to and from Mrs. Clinton in the new trove when she was secretary of state.

He did not say that agents had completed their review of the emails, or that they were abandoning the matter in regard to her aides. But federal law enforcement officials said that they considered the review of emails related to Mrs. Clinton’s server complete, and that Mr. Comey’s letter was intended to convey that.


FBI Director James Comey has once again cleared Hillary Clinton in her ongoing email scandal

As you can imagine both campaigns have responded and Hillary, once again, gets to play the victim card and look as if she is the underdog in all of this.

Brian Fallon, a spokesman for Mrs. Clinton, said in a post on Twitter that the campaign had always believed that she would be cleared of any wrongdoing.

“We were always confident nothing would cause the July decision to be revisited,” Mr. Fallon said. “Now Director Comey has confirmed it.”

The Trump campaign, through campaign manager Kellyanne Conway, made a statement on MSNBC when she said, “The investigation has been mishandled from the beginning.” She went on to say, “She was reckless, she was careless, she was selfish.”

That is the understatement of the century to say the least. Hillary’s actions are that of a criminal that not only has no remorse, but believes she is above the law and for the most part the FBI seems to be proving her right.

The finishing off of the Constitution is in the sights of the elite and with their chosen one just days away from a possible “selection” the endgame is in reach for the globalist and international bankers.

“We The People” have been fighting the corruption in the system and the draconian legislation that has come out of D.C. for many years and now that fight is ramped up and multiplied. The NDAA, Patriot Act, NSA spying program, and the molesting of the TSA will all come together under a Clinton administration that will paint a clear picture of the tyranny that is coming and the revealing of the true endgame of the elite and it is not freedom and liberty, but rather the implementation of Agenda 21.

This election has divided the masses more than any other election in history. The elite have drawn the line in the sand and without reservation has placed their crimes and agenda above the law while expanding the laws against us. If they continue to get their way, unchecked by the American people then we will not have much of a Constitution left and the Republic will be transformed into the global dream that the elite all share. Open borders with bad trade deals that will complete the landslide of jobs leaving seeking tax haven countries will be out of control and have a huge economic impact that could help in the coming financial collapse. Over burden the system just like Cloward and Pivens wrote about in the ’60’s.

Whether the FBI is intimidated by the Obama’s Department of Justice headed by Loretta Lynch remains to be seen, but the FBI’s newest decision to not charge Hillary leaves one to think that this was the case. James Comey has admitted several times that crimes were committed, yet, no charges filed. This has left many to take to social media and other avenues and express the hypocrisy in the law and the justice process.

This is not party politic,s though the mainstream media has turned it into one. This is an issue of securing of our rights, liberties, Constitution, and country altogether. The implications of the FBI’s decision to not charge Hillary will soon affect our borders, jobs, financial markets, and our foreign policy if she is elected. And it is looking more and more that was the plan all along.

As things heat up with Russia over Syria and the fight against ISIS in the Middle East, Hillary looks as though working with Russian President Vladimir Putin may be a hard task for her. She blames Russia and other nations for her email leaks and takes no responsibility on the contents of the emails themselves other than to say she “made a mistake.” A mistake is immediately corrected, this was bad judgement and decision-making. We can’t afford this carelessness in the Oval Office safe guarding the Republic. We are a fragile and divided nation now and Hillary will only drive the division to unrecoverable levels. The Constitution will continue to be shredded while the elite come after our right of protection and the degrading of our healthcare system through expanding the Affordable Care Act till it eventually becomes the socialist dream of a single payer system.


Hillary Clinton has dodged Arkancide, Chinagate, Benghazi, Travelgate, Filegate, and now looks to escape the clutches of the FBI’s investigations and Wikileaks attempt to expose her corruption. Even proven vote rigging against one time candidate Bernie Sanders couldn’t make a dent in her armor. Regardless what new evidence or leak comes her way she has the protection of her elite and global friends to come in and provide the protection and distraction needed to make sure she is in place and the agenda rolls on.

The most corrupt, unethical, and unapologetic politician we have ever seen walks between the raindrops of corruption almost daring anyone to call her out or hold her accountable for her actions. The Clinton Foundation has been proven to be a pay-to-play scheme and risk our national security, but no charges ever come out. Meanwhile, Ed Snowden sits in asylum in Russia and Bradley Manning sits in a prison for exposing war crimes of the Bush administration. It is apparent that crimes or for us peasants while the elite make and change the rules at will. This will be our downfall of the Republic as our destruction will come from the inside and not the outside. It is time to “drain the swamp” once and for all. we can not allow Washington to continue to operate like this. The Constitution and Republic is at stake.

Written by: Michael Howell

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