I remember a statement I heard an elder Christian man say one time. Dr. Wilkerson said, “We are in a battle of battles and the spiritual warfare will continue to rage, but when the dust settles, Born Again Christians, with their trust in Jesus will be the only ones standing.”  I completely agree with that statement.

Our country has been terrorized in the last year by radical Islamic terrorist in many different places in America and throughout the world. However, the terrorism against the U.S. Citizens from our De Facto government stings with the drip of Chinese torture. Maybe the reason is … It is torture no matter what prefix you add. The terrorism is straight from the mind of the Clinton Cartel and their CIA handler, Larry R. Nichols of Conway, Arkansas with the added flavor of the book Mein Kampf, a Christmas gift given to Larry Nichols by Bill and Hillary Clinton.

I was the Facebook administrator for Larry Nichols for almost one year. He called me on the phone approximately six times per day. I listen to what Larry Nichols had to say and it began to come very clear to me as I listened to Nichols and watched the corrupt news media, that it is the Nichols system the Clinton’s are using from the days of Arkansas to this very day. Nichols has made the claim to have been black ops, CIA ,and hit man for Bill and Hillary Clinton (i.e. Peter Santilli Interview 2015)

When Bill Clinton was elected POTUS the first term, I remind you the Clinton’s fired 111 U.S. prosecutors, that was the first real foot hold into our federal government the Clinton’s obtained. According to Larry Nichols When Bill Clinton headed to Washington, D. C., he had one thing on his mind. He wanted to obtain information about every member of our Congress and every member of our Senate to make sure that as he entered into his administration the playing field was always tilted in the Clinton’s direction. He also wanted to obtain information on the media. The media are key. If he could get his people in top management positions with the mainstream media and the media like Fox news and News Corp. entities he would then have the basis for achieving anything they wanted. No matter how corrupt and evil their wants and desires were at the time and in the present. Most people would not believe it is possible to get control of every form of media in this nation. I use to believe that and I have had many people say that to me. Well maybe not ALL but the ones who have the twenty-four hour a day feed like FOX,CNN,ABC, NBC…the four.

What about the printed media? The feeds are the key, UPI, Reuters, AP I’m sure you noticed that all but 1 major newspaper endorsed Hillary Clinton for president. The newspapers like the Washington Post the Washington Times, the New York Times above all. Then you go to the Los Angeles Times and a few other major papers throughout the country and you have the entire print media wrapped up. Then the magazines, the majority already had a kinsman-ship with the Left-winged corrupt Democratic party and their Communist philosophy. With all this in mind it is not so far-fetched to get the print media to go along with the Clinton’s in protecting them no matter how sick and morally decedent and illegal their actions were and are to this day.

Another thing the Clinton’s and their cartel are famous for doing to get control and they do it well, is they hob knob with the media. They understand the media person who is incapable of getting the story is worthless. So they tell this reporter and that reporter that they will give them the lead story on certain events. The next thing you know they are all in debt to the corrupt Clinton cartel. There are always the want to be reporters. These are the corrupt, spineless, maniacal ones who will do any type of contract work that the Clinton’s want them to do and I do mean any type. Lying is their forte’. Both the Clinton’s and the want-a-be reporters.

Remember, if you’re hired by the President of the United States, I think it’s not too far-fetched to believe that you are not going to write bad about them. If you are willing to be hired by a company no matter how sleazy that company is, one would attempt to protect that company. The Clinton’s …OH they do not hire the people but they do grant audiences with them (the first lady and the president) and they help them get the contract writers project for different publication. That way loyalty seems to be made. Seems to be is the key phrase. That sense of loyalty runs throughout that person’s career. D.C. was and is ripe for the Clinton Cartel style of De Facto government. The Clinton’s proved early on that if someone crosses them , that person will be destroyed if not murdered and their entire family destroyed. The big name reporters and the little men and women stand down when reporting on the Clinton and their cartel if one of them attacks them. The same holds true with all the anchor people …Yes Larry Nichols taught the Clinton’s well .

I saw the death stare in Bret Baier’s eyes the other night when he had reported that an indictment from FBI DIRECTOR via the DOJ was soon to come. Then Donald Trump quoted Bret Bier of Fox News. What do you know, the next day Bret Baier retracted the story with a nervous tremble in his voice.


One of the elite that is pulling the strings for the Clinton Crime Syndicate, George Soros.

The Clinton crime cartel, early on, started putting their controlled people into the executive positions making the big bucks at the different key media sources. That is the reason the evil system works. This is the reason they are above the law. The very, very few who have tried to stand up against the Clinton’s end up in endless lawsuits. Even death of loved ones. Brit Hume comes to mind. Brit Hume of Fox News, yes his son was a new member of the Fox news team at one time and he was doing a special on how journalist bend their news stories for politicians. Sandy Hume was found dead. Apparent suicide. The Clinton’s either threaten, or send their treacherous lawyers after an honest reporter or journalist until they give up or are shut up permanently.

The Clinton’s, as evil and corrupt as they are, know without a doubt if they can keep anyone off the air who can hurt them, they have the ability to make reality as they perceive it, not as it really is. What we need to do is stop watching the news outlets I have mentioned and go after their advertisers. It is voting with you dollar and that, they can not rig.


An extension of the Clinton Crime Syndicate is their for-profit foundation – The Clinton Foundation

Today we face the Clinton’s at their best or should I say their worst? The Crime Cartel of the Clinton’s have gained power over the entire government including the FBI and the DOJ. James Comey, head of the FBI is compromised and corrupted by the things he has done over the years as lawyer for the Clinton’s before he was appointed head of the FBI by Obama . Also Comey received 6.5 million dollars from Locheed Martin.http://21stcenturywire.com/2016/07/13/fbi-director-comey-board-member-of-clinton-foundation-connected-bank-hsbc/.

Also Loretta Lynch the Attorney General http://www.wnd.com/2016/03/loretta-lynchs-law-firm-tied-to-hillary-clinton/..Also, Cheryl Mills.http://lawnewz.com/high-profile/cheryl-mills-helped-clinton-foundation-while-serving-as-state-dept-chief-of-st

Remember Al Capone? Al was not arrested, indicted and convicted on all the murders he did and robberies, he was convicted of tax fraud.. This brings me to Trey Gowdy. Trey Gowdy and the Oversight committee have the power to indict Hillary Clinton for lying under oath to them. Trump has used the lying testimony as a commercial see the attached video. My question to Mr. Gowdy is Why NOT? Why not stop talking tough and indict Hillary Clinton for lying to the U.S. Congress? What do the Clinton’s have on you Mr. Gowdy? Are you corrupt as well?

How far does this corruption go and is it possible to clean up D.C.? Is it possible at this time to “drain the swamp?”

Written by: D. Brown

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