Fake economy, fake food, fake wars for “freedom”, fake government ran healthcare and yet, we hear both, Hillary Clinton and now President Obama speak out and address the latest distraction they are trying to sell us. That is the “fake news stories” that the media and the politicians are promoting in order to keep us serfs on the narrative of globalism and the lingering potential war with Syria that will bring Russia into the war as well. In fact, it seems that even though President Obama is on his way out and President Elect Donald Trump is waiting to take the reins, Obama continues to claim that Russia will be “dealt with” and the growing concern over the supposed Russians hacking the emails. It is important to note here that evidence is mounting that the emails were leaked and not hacked. That coming from Wikileaks founder Julian Assange.

While speaking in Berlin, Germany President Obama, standing beside German Chancellor Angela Merkel, spoke about how social media played a role in electing Donald Trump over the establishment’s chosen one, Hillary Clinton.


Hillary Clinton has come out of her hiding since her embarrassing Presidential run to denounce alternative media and going as far as saying fake news was the reason she lost the race to Donald Trump. Overlooking the fact that Americans do not trust her because she seems to always be under investigation for one reason or another or the criminal activities of the Clinton Foundation. She chose to blame fake news stories for her defeat. Don’t get me started on the email scandal. That really did her in as she continued to dodge responsibility or acknowledge what even the FBI called criminal. Of course with her being an elite and above the law the FBI later said no charges would be filed because she “didn’t intend to break the law.” That wouldn’t even work for us in trying to get out of a speeding ticket, but when it comes to National Security and the Clintons, laws do not apply.

The alternative media has taken a hit from the establishment as more and more become aware of the false mainstream narrative that gets pushed down our throats. Now Facebook is entering the arena of telling us what is real and what is fake with super globalist, George Soros backing the push. This has many users, myself included, looking for a different social media site to interact with. Facebook has been declining in user satisfaction for several years now as more and more came out about how they use and sell our information for profit. This is just the start of the trend and we need the free market to take a stand in showing our collective differences on the matter. It is like we always say. “Vote with your dollars.” Facebook relies on ad revenue to make money and advertisers rely on the number of users and interactions in determining where they place those dollars. In essence we hold the power of the dollar and it is time to let our voices be heard.

This action does not stop with social media. Mainstream media operates under the same premise and we can make a difference there as well. One time news giant, CNN has dwindling viewership and is commonly known now as the main arm in the liberal push of the propagated narrative. MSNBC is nothing more than a globalist testing ground as they perform litmus test after litmus test on their unknowingly viewers. When the globalist want to test the waters or get reactions for the coming plan they call on these two news organizations quite frequently. The overwhelming answer to their litmus test should be reflective in the descending numbers of viewers and readers they are experiencing.

The cable news conglomerate of the day, Fox News isn’t far behind in becoming the globalist playground. Many people consider them there already. When you take in the facts, or lack of facts, in their reporting it is hard to argue that true journalism has a home there as well. Roll out the blondes, fill the teleprompter with the days script and queue the on air button and host like Megyn Kelly, Bill O’Reilly, and others foam at the mouth using the establishments goals as if they were real news stories. The divisiveness between the major networks are working like a well oiled machine to keep the masses on point. Times are changing with how people receive their news and this is what has the establishment up in arms as they can no longer fully rely on their henchmen in suits and skirt to distract us.

More and more of us are growing tired of the lies and deception that the mainstream media has willingly sold their souls to be a part of. We are taking it upon ourselves now to be the media. This is evident in self funded websites, online radio shows, and Youtube channels that are popping up everywhere expressing the disdain for the State run propaganda that is growing by the day. Social media sites are becoming the chosen method we are using in high number to get the word out and those who we refer to as shadow readers are now stepping into the light and becoming more vocal as well. This is an area that we can not slack in as the growth to true alternative sites and truth news grows.

What is considered to be alternative news sites like Breitbart, Drudge Report and Infowars is taking the heaviest hits now, but that will be across the board to all “alt right” news source if we do not speak up now. There may come a time in the very near future where we get on out computers, tablets, or phones and no longer have access to these sites and more. Newly elected President Donald Trump has made similar comments as far as “shutting down the internet.”  Even going as far as saying those that say “freedom of speech” as the reason for opposing this are “foolish.” It is truly a wait and see with President Elect Trump, but that doesn’t sit well with most.


Freedom of speech is the first amendment for a reason. The founding fathers knew just how important it was to have open and free dialogue without the fear of retaliation from government and having a real free press is the checks and balance that was designed to keep the government honest and For The People. Now the people are led and not leading in the direction of the country. Once again, times are changing. When speech of any kind is limited or taken there can no longer be peaceful resistance or questioning of draconian legislation or actions of our elected officials. We become sheep to the slaughter with tape over our mouths to stop the screams from being heard. Logical and informative debate is squashed as we lose our responsibility and duty in keeping our representatives on the track we elected them to be on.

This battle against free press and ultimately free speech is just getting under way and the fight, just like all the fights against the establishment, will be long and hard fought. We can not afford to sit idly by as they take our voice all in the name of fake news. It is the mainstream media that the government should be focused on, however, since it is the government’s and elite’s message they are spewing the government has turn their attention and resources against the people and the resistance. Vote with you dollars like previously mentioned and turn off that programmed, packaged garbage and start researching and supporting the truth telling independent media. Those that are not corporate funded and spend so much time researching the facts. Real journalism has taken a backseat to the global agenda, but we can revive it. It is our duty, right and obligation to maintain free speech through a free press.

Written by: Michael Howell

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