There were many people who had hoped that with the election of a new president our country might finally scale back our military presence worldwide. With over 700 military bases in over 120 countries and a never-changing foreign policy, this seemed liked the prime time in our political history to adopt the non-intervention strategy and open up trading with foreign countries. Sadly this is not the case.

The military strike in Yemen, which was planned out by the previous administration and his use of drone bombing is just the most recent continuation of the never-ending “war on terror”. Regardless what party hold the Presidency or the majority of Congress our foreign policy never changes, but violently expands and the military presence grows as well.

Add to this, one of Trump’s top advisors Steve Bannon is a firm believer that we will be at war with Iran in the near future. Not surprisingly Trump has issued a stern warning to Iran already and seems to be taking a more aggressive stance toward dealing with that country. It would seem that future relations with Iran will have a similar, negative tone.

As the war on terror continues, the fact is that our nation’s overseas footprint will only continue to grow. We will continue to have military operations on many fronts and with the growing possibility of war with Iran, it is rather certain that the chances of bringing our troops home are slim to none.

What is most concerning is that this aggressive stance does appear to be a continuation of the Project for a new American Century(PNAC) outlined by former General Wesley Clark in which he details that we are to go to war with Iraq, Libya,Syria, Somalia, Sudan, Lebanon (the only one we are not planning on attacking-yet), and of course Iran. While the timeline he gives was in error, the list of military intervention is rather accurate.

PNAC was originally brought forth by then defense secretary Dick Cheney in 1992 and was revised in a report called Rebuilding America’s Defenses: Strategies, Forces, and Resources for a New Century. It is a plan to increase military spending and create more military bases in the Middle East and Central Asia. It also details how to use the military to topple “non-complying” regimes.

In short, these plans were laid out long ago and our policy of military intervention shows no change from those plans. The military industrial complex will continue to expand and if you still believe that our military will start to be used just for defense of our nation the sad truth is that you have been fooled.

Written by: Michael D. Jacobsen

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