I was recently hit with a question that made me step back and reflect on what I am doing in my day-to-day fight for true liberty or individual sovereignty. The original question I was asked was simple but carries so much weight I believe that it is what we need to ask ourselves every day when we first wake up. “What am I doing in service to liberty today?” That was the simple, yet profound question, that was asked of me at just the right time. Sure, we feel like we are the world’s #1 defender of truth and freedom but in what way is our daily lives reflective of our own rhetoric? This was the fist-in-the gut moment for me.

What is the latest movement of the day now? Liberty movement? Truth movement? The Awakening? The peaceful Revolution? Whatever we are calling it now, we take to our social media sites with the latest taglines and opine to the masses our dirge songs of freedom and small government. We lament our beliefs that have been reduced to poster boards and markers across America as we eagerly spread truths to anyone who will listen. We feel like we are doing our part, but are we? Have we, ourselves, been reduced to talking points and seen as someone who is easily overlooked, therefore, the message being lost as well?

A term referred to and craftily used the past decades as “conspiracy theorist”, critical thinkers which are the driving force behind what we will refer to as the “Truth Movement” for article purposes. However, even within the Truth Movement there is fighting over the simplest of issues that often have no bearing over individual liberty but generally, ends up justifying the growing police state through party politics and not a liberty guided path to reign in the size of the Federal government or restore lost personal liberties. In no other time in history have we been embroiled in so many foreign conflicts (can’t refer to them as wars as justified legal wars are with Congressional approval) in the name of “protecting our way of life” or “preserving freedoms,” yet, we are witnessing the fastest decline of civil liberties and Constitutional rights ever.

Not just modern-day history, but in all the nation’s young history have we been usurped by a small ruling elite from within using an outside threat to take our liberties as the reason for going to war. The banker’s wars have profited few at the heavy burden of many around the world. The Military Industrial Complex smiles and kisses their kids off to school while we send ours to die for corporate greed. Shielded from laws and governed by regulations they wrote, corporate greed consumes the government of the Constitutional Republic till the freedoms we once fought and protected are a thing of the past and slumber fills the masses eyes and we no longer see the importance of liberty as it gives way to government protection. The familiar card of “for your safety” is played and just like that we surrender our way of life and freedoms over to a tyrannical government with a global agenda.

I say all of this to circle back to my original thought and question. What am I doing in service of liberty today? Is the information we spread accurate? Truthful? Are my actions without partisan politics and a concentrated focus on bettering future generations through the safeguarding of liberty? What comes with true liberty is self-responsibility and part of that responsibility is sounding the alarm when the Republic is under threat. Even if that threat is from within.

One instance I think of when I think of how communities can come together peacefully and show a strong commitment to freedom is what happened in Florida to a 93-year-old Navy veteran, Arnold Abbott, when he was arrested three times for doing nothing more than feeding the homeless. Yes, feeding the homeless is a crime in this “new America” that the globalist is scratching tooth and nail to usher in. Abbott is the founder of Love Thy Neighbor, a local nonprofit that helps the homeless.

Arnold Abbott being arrested for feeding the homeless

It was the churches and people in the community that let this happen. There should have been a protective ring around this gentleman and volunteers at the ready to help spread compassion and love in the community but instead, fear set in as the crowd watched the injustice play out. No local government, ACLU, rights group, or concerned citizens stepped up to protect not only this man but the right to help our fellow man. The police involved in the arrest had the perfect time to separate the just from the unjust and chose to follow orders instead. Charity starts and ends with us, not the government.

Land of the free unless you care about humanity

Imagine a nation that calls itself a Christian Nation, yet, stands down and was even arresting individuals for practicing the Golden Rule. Be kind and sharing your food is now a criminal activity. What more evidence of tyranny would you need before you felt inclined to act?

If you answered that question with you need more evidence that we are under a tyrannical government then you haven’t been paying attention to the last, oh, 60 years or so. It isn’t by accident but rather design that regardless what party holds the presidency or majority of Congress our foreign policy never changes and our wars are ramped up while civil liberties and the Constitution are the victims and not the strong-arm of liberty like it once was.

Like Ronald Reagan said in his farewell address to the nation the government is the vehicle and We The People are the drivers that determine the direction we go. What has changed in the minds of the people that we have become so complacent with our Stockholm Syndrome that we have let the globalist elite carry out what they have thus far? I do not want to get side-tracked from the original intent of the article which is how we can be stewards and protectors of liberty. In service to liberty.

How we can be good stewards of liberty is our daily goal in the grind against tyranny. One of the ways we can be protectors of liberty is to not comply. That is the hardest for people to come to terms with but is the most effective and peaceful way we could collectively make a statement and stand against the oppression of globalism.

There are so many examples of ways we can just not comply with unjust laws. Given the events that took place in Florida with Arnold Abbott, I would say that was one chance to not comply that we let go by. As the Constitution dwindles as the Law of the Land and replaced with global directives from the United Nations it becomes our duty to not obey unjust laws. Just because something is law doesn’t make it right or in line with natural law/rights.

Jury nullification has made its way into the mainstream conscious as more are becoming aware of what it means and how it can play a role in keeping people committed of victimless crimes out of for-profit jails. Our prison system is set up like a welfare system for the rich. We are no longer incarcerated because of harm to anyone or their property, but instead, thanks to the war on drugs we are incarcerated for choices we make with our own bodies and lifestyle choices though no crime has been committed. A great service to liberty would be to bring an end to the war on drugs and the harms those policies create. Demanding from our politicians that our soldiers stop guarding but destroy poppy fields in Afghanistan that in return accounts for the majority of the world’s heroin use would be a service to liberty as well.

In service to liberty can take on many different forms so I do not want to define or pigeonhole it in a certain criteria or qualifications. That is what is so beautiful about liberty is the fact that it means different things to different people but is centered around free will and no harm to others or property. Liberty is the very definition of what “pursuit of happiness” truly means. What brings me happiness in life may be the opposite of your happiness but as long as no crime committed then the person’s choices should be protected even when we do not agree with the decisions of others.

When deciding what role you can play in your daily service to liberty first follow your passions. There is so much tyranny today that all aspects of our lives are affected. Are you health conscience? How about looking into service of liberty and calling out Big Pharma, the dangers of vaccines in their current state, no labeling of G.M.O. foods, socializing of our healthcare system, and even chemtrails and geo-engineering is part of our health as well?

Our monetary system is a joke and has been since the signing of the Federal Reserve Act of 1913. It took the Constitutional powers of Congress to issue and print the currency and turned that power over to a board of for-profit private bankers that are not accountable to Congressional oversight of any kind. An audit of the Federal Reserve isn’t even allowed. In return, the Federal Reserve, or the Fed, has been able to usurp nation’s laws and policies and turned over those nation’s government over to a small group of greedy bankers. One more thing to point out is that even though the name looks “federal” the Federal Reserve is private and no more federal than Federal Express courier company. Oh, what a deception the actions of Jekyll Island had in our surrendering of our freedoms in exchange for perpetual, unsustainable debt.

I personally believe the toppling of the Federal Reserve will have a domino effect and reach into the depths of tyranny and pluck it out by the roots. Like the saying goes, “the LOVE of money is the root of all evil. Never before has anyone had such a love of money like the owners of the Central Banks, the Rothschilds. Certainly, backed by their own actions, evil has its roots with this generational family that controls the nation’s debt and uses their unlimited power and global influence to see the one world government that they have advocated for since the House of Rothschilds was established in the late 1770’s by patriarch Mayer Amschel Beyer.

However, you decide to be a steward of liberty the time is now. We are at a fork in the road where the left side leads to more government intrusion and the right side of the fork in the road leads to true freedom and liberty. Like I mentioned in the beginning of the article the government is the vehicle and We The People are the drivers. Where do we want to take the Republic and what kind of Republic do we want to leave to our grandchildren. How we defend natural law and rights today will determine the kind of life we leave for future generations. The tyranny you accept today is the tyranny they will live under tomorrow.

Written by: Michael Howell

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