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I have been in the fight for many years and was first drawn in at an early age around 16 when I looked into the JFK assassination. The evidence was overwhelming and the researching began. Of course this was before the internet and the freely passing of information, but it homed my researching skills.

When 9/11 happened I was blown away. Nothing about it made sense from a logical standpoint, scientific standpoint or even a common sense standpoint. The studying began and the questions mounted. I couldn’t find enough documentaries to watch or articles to read. I was captivated and quite furious how no one could see what was right in front of them. To this day I still can’t see why people still believe the ‘official report.’

My fight really picked up when I got to the Federal Reserve and the crooked theft of the privately owned, for profit Central Bank that was robbing not only Americans on a daily basis, but controlling world policies and dictating wars. Funding both sides of every major war and controlling the nations through debt is at the heart of the Fed’s mission. Stopping them is at the heart of my mission.

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In liberty,

Michael Howell